Two dominant yet conflictive personalities within the same person, does it sound familiar?

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There are many personalities within a person, not just one as we tend to believe.

Many times, you notice, among these personalities, two dominant yet conflictive ones, both within the same person.

It doesn't make sense to you. How could these contradicting selves live together in the same person?

You feel unable to decipher such a person. You fail to find a consistent pattern for the whole of his behavior.

Sometimes, this person is you.

It is not necessarily that one of the personalities is good and the other is evil, it is just that they have contradicting features.

In most people, these two personalities remain almost intact throught the whole of their lives.

How come, you wonder, two personalities can evolve so differently in the same environment? And why haven't they integrated with each other?

The answer is that these two dominant personalities are replicas of the same person's mother and father. If you get to know the person's parents, you will notice the uncanny resemblance between each of the parents and a corresponding dominant personality in the child.

If the person's parents were of contradictive natures, opposites, than the two dominant personalities within the person will also be contradictive.

If the person's parents didn't manage to integrate and live in harmony, the two dominant personalities will also fail to integrate into one personality and live in harmony.

This way, you can look at a child and see the parents and look at the parents and see the child.

And if this child happens to be you, you don't need to change the relationship between your parents in order to bring harmony between your dominant personalities. You can just disconnect energetically from your parents and start being aware of the personalities. This will bring the change and the emergence.

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single-parent family

I wonder what happens when a child is brought up in a single-parent family or loses one of his parents at early age.

happy | Sat, 10/24/2009 - 10:43
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no representation

Based on my observations some even if they didn't know the parent, they still have a representation in them of his traits. Peculiar, probably something metaphysical.

Most simply do not have a personality representing the other parent.

joy | Sat, 10/24/2009 - 17:28
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Personalities and relationships

I think the game between the 2 personalities also affects considerably the relationships one develops.

I can't say in what way exactly.

I suspect that the more his 2 personalities are polarized the more he is drawn to relationships, relationships with those that their personalities will balance his.

divine intervention | Sat, 10/24/2009 - 21:27
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At any point, one of them is more dominant

I fully agree with this observation about the two dominant personalities and their origin.

I have noticed that at any certain time, one of them is slightly more dominant and that it depends on the current set of circumstances which trigger different conditioning within the person.

It is clearly evident when we go to a foreign environment such as when we travel to a vacation on a new spot we haven't been to yet: There is this one personality which is dominant when we are at home at our natural convenient environment and there is the other which is completely different and sometimes contradictory when I'm abroad. Amazing how different they are and how separate. When I'm home I cannot connect to nor simulate my travel personality and when I'm in the roads I cannot even recall the responses of my home personality.

hugo | Sat, 04/17/2010 - 06:44