TV and spiritual skepticism

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Unconscious Conditioning of us: Whoever is on TV must be an authority and must be sincere.

This is the secret of the enormous power of the television. Intellectually, we are perfectly aware of the monkey business taking place behind the screen - that the seeking for rating wins any sincerity and that most interviewers and experts on TV have no idea about what they are talking about. But our unconscious conditioning is, of course, much stronger than our logic and common sense.

Unconscious Conditioning of those on TV: Skepticism, there is no God, there is no supernatural or paranormal, and that is a fact!

Otherwise how could we, TV stars, be God?, how could we portray ourselves as authorities?, how could we allow ourselves to fool the audience by giving the false impression that we are sincere?, how could we maintain the imbalance of proportions and perspective that assures us rating even if there is nothing important to make a fuss about?

Bottom line: Watching TV, unintentionally we turn to be very skeptical despite all our new spiritual understandings and mystical experiences.

Isn't it so? Have you ever noticed how your state of mind changes after a few days of not watching TV?

Solution: Stop completely to watch TV.

Not because of the waste of time, not because of the mediocre quality, but because of the harmful contra-spiritual influence. The influence of the TV is mighty. Even if you take yourself to be very conscious and in control, you have no chance to win in this battle. Your only way out is to take this instrument out of your house.