Try to talk the truth in a sweet manner, even though the truth looks bitter

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61. You should know that the relationships with the relatives andfriendship with friends are like passing clouds in the sky and likefloating logs in the river. They some times meet and some times theydisperse. A wise person will not bother for the good and bad happeningswith friends and relatives.

62. You should know that a wise person will neither get excited for the
praises nor depressed for the criticism and he maintains equilibrium.

63. If you are interested to enter the Spiritual life, give least
importance for the money, fear not the death and lastly the attachment
towards kith and kin.

64. The way the day and night follows one after one, similarly in human
life sorrows and happiness will follow one after one. When you know
phenomenon, why do you entertain fear in the life?

65. The way you accept the medicines from the herbs available in the
forest to cure your illness, sometimes you should also be prepared to
accept the help from the persons who are unknown to you thinking that
they are God sent one.

66. You should know that your wisdom is your money, your greediness is
your enemy, your character is your beauty and your happiness is your

67. The food you offer to your guest will be digested with in no time
but the food you have offered with affection and love will be in his
memories for his life long. So always offer the food with love and

68. You should know that half your life will go in the sleeping,
remaining half will go in your child hood, youth and old age. Try to
utilize your youth for constructive work in the life so that you will
not repent in the life.

69. We should follow the traditions / standards given by the eminent personalities which will be beneficial to society.

70. Any spiritual book reveals that helping the humanity is dearer to the God and harming the humanity is the sin.

71. You should live in a spiritual World where truth is your mother, wisdom is your father and righteousness’ is your brother, kindness your friend, peace as your wife and forgiveness’ is your son.

72. Try to talk the truth in a sweet manner, even though the truth looks bitter.

73. Do not waste your energies in the arguments and quarrel and try directing your energies for acquiring the good will of the society.

74. Earn the money and be happy by following path of righteousness.

75. Think that the things which will bring sorrow to you will create sorrow to others also.

76. We will all know that the God is truth. So do such things where you can please God.

77. You are inviting your downfall by damaging the justice and encouraging injustice.

78. We all know that the idle man’s brain is devil’s workshop. In a similar way keeping the physical body in lazy condition is inviting ill health.

79. While offering the charities, select the deserving, Going to their house and extending is the best way if you can. Inviting them to your house and giving them is the good.
- Remember that giving charities to your servants is not a charity. It is only a duty.

80. If you want to be happy, do not indulge in too much praise or abuse, involve in controversial talks or hurting other’s feelings.