In truth, there is neither creation nor creator

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There is neither creation and nor creator, when the seeking mind becomes aware of the the fact that, 'I' is not the self but Ataman is the true self.

The concept of creation and creator is religious fable. And it is greatest obstacle in realizing the truth. Since many seekers get stuck finding no answers for their doubts and confusions, they remain stagnant, and drop heir seeking. But all these doubts and confusion of any sort can be overcome by the seeker, whose mind is receptive and ready to burn dross, when he finds answers for his doubts and confusion.

Accumulated dross from scholars, intellectuals reading of the books, scriptures and holding them as proof, is not a right thing, in pursuit of truth. Seeker has to verify everything through, inquiry and reasoning on the true base. when the un-contradicted truth is reveled, the untruth has to be rejected.