Truth, Reality and Illusion 2

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There is a need to say something more about the Subject and the Object which emanate from the Absolute or Truth. This emanation happens as a division into two, the Subject and the Object both of which mutually exclude each other and yet are forever attracted to each other.

Both the Subject and Object having emanated from the Absolute have the same ingredients which is to say that both have the three fundamental forces as their woof and warp. They are Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. At the level of the subject they mix and form the 12 Archetypes which form the eternal unchanging face of earthly creation. The number 12 is not arbitrary. In my understanding 03 forces can be combined in 06 ways. These 06 combinations of subject constitute the Eternal Unchanging. When these 06 act in accordance with the two fundamental direction of movement of forces they produce the 12 Archetypes. The two directions were defined as Law of attraction of Opposites, one that makes all objects (which includes subjects) to be attracted to each other and The other counterbalancing direction of force is the Love of Self which is the same as Love of its own kind.

There is in fact only ONE SUBJECT which when reflected in mediums of different quality form numerous Jiva or Souls. On the other hand the 03 forces in object or nature combine such that only one is predominant at any given time. This is the Eternal Changing aspect that could be called Nature.

In a dense reflecting medium the reflection of Absolute or Soul works as a conductor of only one force. In Man the Soul or Jeeva is capable of manifesting all three forces. This means that this is a possibility but not a given Fact. Man is born with one of the forces being predominant and even that is not developed to its full potential. Development of this force is possible when opposition or challenges are successfully dealt with. The opposition or challenges remain till all the three forces are not developed to their full potential.

So Self - Realisation is development of all the three forces to full potential which will give a unique Identity to the Individual. Development of forces goes hand in hand with the refinement of bodies, physical being one of the Three. At this stage of development the Soul can choose to sacrifice its Individuality and merge with the Cosmic Godhead.