Truth, Reality and Illusion

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I think the problem that the Neo Advaitins face could be solved if they understood the three levels viz truth, reality and illusion.

From the point of view of Truth nothing else can exist as it is infinite. From it issue forth or emanate the Real. This emanation happens as a division into two, the Subject and the Object both of which mutually exclude each other and yet are forever attracted to each other.

Now this division is created by Space and Time. As we all know thanks to Einstein that each object creates its own time and space. When in contact with another object these time and space suffer distortion and new time and space are created as is the case in the universe in which we live. This distortion of original time and space is an illusion.

For Creation to be sustainable there must be two forces, one that makes all objects (which includes subjects) to be attracted to each other by the Law of attraction of Opposites. This is the force that gives rise to what we perceive as illusion or sorrow. This is the process through which a Soul acquires various sheathes or bodies. The other counterbalancing force is the Love of Self which is the same as Love of its own kind. This force is responsible for the Subject going forth and seeking liberation or being restored to its original starting point.

So Self - Realisation is not giving up ones Individuality but the separatist and fragmented conglomeration of Egos.

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Ilusion, I and Not I

It would be appropriate to dwell a little more about Illusion which I said is created by distortion of Time and Space psychologically. This distortion is the result of imbibing the concept of physical time and space in our minds.

Let us take an example. One needs time to learn a skill in this world so we assume that it would take time to improve psychological state of say greed. This very illusion is the cause of procrastinations and effort in totally wrong direction. Let me illustrate this with a story. Once upon a time a dark cave was supposed to be the home of a great evil spirit which scared any one who approached the cave through various 'magical" means. A brave warrior entered the cave with his sword and fought valiantly with the spirit but came out exhausted just because the spirit was too deceptive. A wise man passing by the village offered to help and said that all he needed was a torch and the rest he would do with the help of his magic words or mantras. Now as soon as the cave was lit it became clear that the real cause of both the fear and spirit was the darkness.

This distorted field is our personality which is affected by physical concepts. Yet, for some illusion to occur there must be a real substratum. This is the cause of the Personality and remains hidden from it. The reason is that just as a womb protects the foetus, this shell of Personality protects the Essence.

The purpose of life is for this Essence to grow to its true Individuality or to merge in the Cosmic Godhead.

joejo | Fri, 01/13/2012 - 14:07