Truth Only Wins!

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Truth can be laid with a pen
But fools require a machine gun;
People can be changed with words
But fools require swords;
Hearts can be won with alms
But cowards require arms.

When kind is tone
No need to stone;
Their minds are narrow
Hence fools require an arrow;
When truth is my brand
Why do I hold a steel brand?

When we all belong to the human bracket
’Tis foolish to make a missile rocket;
When mankind is a single caste
But fools propose a nuclear holocaust;
When life is from womb to tomb
But fools boast of the atom bomb.

When hearts are open
Why required is a weapon?
When mercy has no bars
Why required are wars?

When merciful tears are shed
Why required is bloodshed?
When the mind is in control
Why required is arms-control?
When the mind is won
All becomes only One.

*** Salutations to the shoes of my Eternal Father Guru Siddha Nath ****