Truth Diagnostics

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Simplistic notions of truth are good and have a special appeal and may even be true but they don't work despite mass following. The reason is not far to see. It is wisdom arrived at by someone else. Accepting those truths is at best to have an intellectual knowledge. Truth needs to be discovered first hand and all intellectual knowledge acts as a veil of words that prevents direct perception. It is at moments that one expects the least that truth of direct perception strikes and there could be no mistaking it.

It is better to experiment and be sceptical. It would also be wise at some point in time to deliberately look for contradictions. Intellect cannot resolve contradictions fully and neither can it be laid back. I mean once truth is discovered, howsoever small, it does not require any further effort. Effortlessness is beyond intellectual understanding.

The only way to guard against deceiving oneself is to take the reference of daily life and not wanting to be in the public eye or seek approval or encouragement of any kind. Pursuit of truth cannot be done with any motivation for it would colour the perception.

As in school I suggest a play way method. Let’s play a little and experiment while living our daily life as it is.