The Truth About Spiritual Awakening

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"There are so many teachings
about how to be happy.

So many teachings
on how to get rid
of your sadness, your anger
how to be successful
and confident.

How to love yourself,
how to think positive.

Basically how to mould yourself
into this perfect spiritually correct person
with the plastic smile
and the 5000 friends of facebook.

And it's all nonsense.

All these quotes
that people pass around
to psyche each other up
are only make believe.

They take you further away
from what is here.

How freeing it is
to be naked and alone
with all of your imperfections,
with all of your lacking,
desires and fears
and not have to do anything about it.

Even to say
'I accept myself as I am'
you miss it.

You've grabbed hold
of another idea
and made it you.

Because the unfathomable peace and love
that envelopes you completely
is not something you paint on
as a mask.

It is not something that you can
think your way into
that you can attain and accomplish.

But rather it is what you are
underneath it all.

It's not even underneath,
it's everywhere
but still it is hidden from the mind;
it is hidden from those that are still
holding on to a certain idea of themselves.

So what must happen
is the egg must be cracked open.

You must let yourself
fall into what ever is here
and keep falling.

You must allow yourself
to be broken in this moment
so that you immerse yourself
in what is behind it all.

Even the words
must be tossed away.
All revelations and knowledge
that somehow have been made into
a spiritual accomplishment must go.

All that is left is beyond words,
beyond the mind.

You break free of this
individual you
which really is a prison
and you experience
what is beyond it,
you are immersed in what is beyond it.

And what is beyond it?

Infinite love, peace, bliss, freedom.
Even these words cannot define it.

They make it sound
like an escape or a drug
and it is the opposite of that,
it is life that you awaken to.

You break free of this illusion
of who you have held on to for so long
and suddenly it just opens up into vastness.

The realization of the infinite.

And then you live
as your silly imperfect self
while feeling the vastness
that animates it.

Meditation, spiritual practice
immersing yourself
in the enlightened presence
of a Guru or The Calling/Ocean Euphoric CDs,
all of these things can move you into
the ultimate truth.

But all of these hopeful quotes
that promise wealth, happiness
and prince charming
only keep you unaware.

is the greatest gift.

Because when you realize
how alone you are
how hopeless you are

then automatically
your attention is turned
towards that which is beyond yourself
and you awaken to what
you have been looking for
all along.



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Beautifully Said

Thanks for that, Kip.

Gilana | Wed, 10/13/2010 - 04:39
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Nicely explained....

Just perfect!

bonya basu | Wed, 10/13/2010 - 08:14