The Truth About Spiritual Awakening

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"Spiritual Awakening
happens in ordinary life.

The heart is broken open.

If something happens
that stirs up emotion:

The boss yells at you.
Something someone says
makes you feel small
and unimportant.

That is a great blessing.

Because what gets hurt
in ordinary life situations?

What gets broken
when life does not go
the way you think it should?

It is the ego.
It is this self important individual
that separates you from life
that gets knocked down.

The normal tendency
is to fight back,
to justify a position.

But if you are aware,
you allow yourself
to be knocked down,
you allow the heart to be broken.

Because if you allow that,
if you feel that,
there is a tremendous awakening.

In complete surrender to what is
your awareness expands
beyond the ego
into the very essence of life,
the nature of which is love,
is peace, is bliss.

And then that bliss
floods all levels of experience.

Shakti washes through the mental,
the emotional, the physical
so that every level is awakened
in bliss.

But it happens because
you allow yourself to feel broken,
you allow yourself to feel small
when small presents itself.

The ego is always
looking to be extraordinary,
to be a superhero.

But in it's own grandeur,
it separates itself from life.

Not that you shouldn't enjoy
compliments or success
when they come.

But if you can surrender
fully to what is.

If you can allow that which
wants to control and conquer
to be broken
then you are left with what is.

You open yourself up
to the true nature of existence
in its entirety.

So from the point of awareness
no bad things happen.
Only opportunities
to open yourself up
to a greater experience
of truth and love.

This maybe too hard for
the mind to swallow.

But it awakens you
to freedom
in an instant
when realized.



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