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Forget about God...about Love...if you call yourself to be spiritual n not religious, then be more interested in what Truth is..what reality is?
It does not matter if you find god or true love, because all your finding and seeking will invariably be based on personal and subjective ideology, dogmas and beliefs about religion, about your perception of god...of love that peopl have been feeding to you..there will never complete and absolute sense of peace n happiness within you, but moments of peace and happiness..
that is because, you have invested in building a castle of self limiting beliefs and self fulling prophesies with the mind, whcih is dependent on the outside world for its security, comfort and agendas to be fulfilled....All what you shall then keep receiving with such a de-condtioned mind, will only be interpreted subjectively on basis of your personal fears and cravings, and such a distorted mind shall never help you know what truth/reality is..
you shall use your crappy concepts and theories of god and love, and hold on to the world of mind assuming its projection to be real, but whcih actually does not let in newer and higher perspectives about life to draw within..

Dare to Dream Care to Change!
Sakha-The Friend