True success possible only through single pointed Sadhana

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Sadhana is the key to paranormal attainments and pre-eminent success in human life. Jivan-sadhana should be an integral of our lives. For this, we should introspect and analyze our thoughts, our conduct and our activities impartially and thoroughly. We should also develop positive attitude and sincerely endeavor to uproot the infirmities, untoward and evil tendencies lying dormant within us.

This process of constant self effort of gradual refinement and upliftment also implies conscious self development, widening of outlook and altruistic involvement in the sorrows and joys of others. Self development is achieved by substitution of selfishness by selflessness. This is what leads to super normal attainments and awakening of divinity in the human heart.

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Can there be a universal "only"?

I'm not sure there is any "only" in the spiritual path. Every one is different in his/her mental complex and as the spiritual path is merely to untie this complex, the path is different for each one.

Maybe the only "only" with respect to spirituality is the maintaining of balance, not to get carried to the extremes. e.g not too much effort (which breeds conflict with the mind) and not too little effort (which makes one stay at the same point he is), not too much positivity (which means suppression of the negative feelings) and not too little positivity (which means indulgence in the negativity) and so on.

davids | Thu, 11/19/2009 - 23:01