True Spiritualism and True Religion

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At the beginning, Religion came into existence by the designers against mankind. It had taken place to deceive the mankind, to oppress –to exploit the mankind skillfully catching in their trap, to misappropriate human wealth, to rule –command, terrify and destroy the mankind as their demand.
Yes, to make a slave the mankind skillfully, to find out different contrivance by a class of clever and hypocritical cheat, in this way the religion came into existence first, in ancient time. After many more times Spirituality came into existence. True spirituality came into existence in the mind of high conscious men. ‘Self-searching’ is the first word of the true spirituality. Who is I, why am I, from where I came and where to go, where is the beginning of the great universe and what is its goal-?-?-?-?
But the true religion, that which had been created for benefit of mankind, by a few higher spiritual conscious magnanimous persons, is still obsolete, –because absence of enough consciousness of us. That true religion, we may tell it a part of true spirituality. The main subject of the true religion is –that which directly helps to bloom or develop our mind, that which teaches the method of better living and that which helps and incite or insist to get true knowledge.
At first I have said, so-called religion came into existence to do harm for mankind. This trick has been up-graded and up-dated time to time, and this super trick also has been able to catching so-called educated and intelligent within its control, by misinterpreting some spiritual words of proverbs and some parts of true religion. The most race of man is very much programmed by its strong influence and more strong addiction power for a long time. For that, man can not able to understand –that which is true religion, that which is right spirituality, that which is so-called religion or hotchpotch religion.
However now the time has comes near; most of the new generation is of more high conscious state. Those who will come into existence tomorrow and day after tomorrow will be of more and more of high consciousness– (now it is a transition period). Many of them will be able to consider the truth, –if the truth will be unveiled before them. Hoping that today’s this penmanship.
True spirituality is not so-called spirituality. ‘Who am I’ –is the first step of the true Spiritual world and the goal is the –‘Oneness’. In this way –naturally you will meet with ghost and God, but they are not main things in this world. The main thing is ‘I’ –that is soul. Self-conscious –‘I’ aware part of us which thinks, feels and desires. It’s Mind! But not only our present Minds (Human conscious Mind and pre human conscious Mind), the whole Mind is like a lotus; there are many parts and many stages of blooming. Are you eager to know about it and are you interested in the true spirituality?
At last my search has been ended. I have found such a Religion; easily, I can name it the true Religion. Yes, I am telling about ‘MahaVad’ –briefly ‘MAHA’, –the great Religion of this new millennium. There where are two sections, one is for science and spiritual conscious men, who have eagerness for self-knowledge, self-realization and self-development, who are fond of truth. Another is for devotees and eternal lovers, those who want to communicate with God through devotion. Are you eager to know about it?