The true self prevails with or without the experince of duality

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The one which remains, with or without the experience of duality is the true self. To grasp the self, the seeker has to think beyond the experience of duality or mind.

By indulging in religion and god glorification and scriptural studies and yogic practice, the mind will not be able to cross the threshold of the experience of duality.

The mind has to be trained to accept the un-contradicted truth, through inquiry and reasoning and analysis and reject the untruth.

There is no use of indulging in intellectual arguments, it will not lead the seeker anywhere. All the intellectual arguments are based on the 'I' ,which is the false self. By asking intellectual question and deciding truth on the base of false self, is erroneous.

Seeker has to realize the physical base is the main obstruction, to grasp the non dual truth. And by rectify his base of viewing and judging from 'I' as self, to base of Ataman or spirit as self, then only he will be able to remove the obstruction.