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So for you have seen the disguised (Colored outfits) saints, now try to search the true saint who is blessed by the LORD, by whom you will be blessed.
Thousands of Saints and Sages are roaming now a day or they have constructed and living in Shrines (Dera). The True Saint is rare. Rests are trying to pretend the common masses. Saint Parmanand thinking these saints to be dacoits says these pretended Saints are filling their tummies by plundering innocent people. By doing those deeds, they get dishonor in the other world (Parlok). Their mind is not free from violence and they don’t show any mercy to man kind.
But the worldly people need to have such a knave Saints. They are very happy just listening to their talks. They mutually get the benefit out of it. Nobody wants to devote time in sermons, and hymns. Nobody wants to stay awake to control over mind and they don’t want to spoil their sleep. The fact is that to be a saint is a very difficult task.
Those people who have a great passion for a special kind of ward-robe like devotee, poet, singer, Intellectual, or those who go to the money Landers as a wise person. Or the places like temples or religious places which have become the hub of those have lust for money, they stay their or otherwise they stick in the Deras, premise to the among ladies and those or not really saint who collect many kinds of funds, their life is not worth living.
This is a matter to be understood carefully for a sage who did not rely upon his Lord for a little quantity of flour and who remain the burden to the worldly people for even a piece of bread. So, how anyone can expect mercy for others. If is just foolishness to depend upon these sage (saints) be being in their company we can have a glimpse of God. These Sages and their accomplices are liable to the part of hell. No one can cross the river By just holding the lail of the sheep. Saint freed Sahib Says seek out such a true saint whose approach is upto the God (Satguru). Whom God has shown the mercy and embrace him and who could give you salvation.

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A true saint sees God is everybody and never confine himself in any small boundary buy just engulfing in doing the deeds. Those who live in small circles they have Jealousy & Enmity for each other and keep on quarreling with each other how a Lord can come to them in such a circumstances. How they can be loyal to Lord.
The Tenth Sikh Guru Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji says in “Akal Ustati” if we can meet God by being shabby or by eating dirty and soil things then the pigs who always keep on eating Garbage.
If we can visualize God by applying ash then elephants and donkeys are always covered with mud. If we can get glimpse of God by staying in crematorium then Bijju, who always stay at the cremation ground. If we can get Lord by staying in shrines then the owls which always remain in shrine. If we can get God by being sad then the deers who always roam around sad in the forest. If we can get God by being silent then trees, those always remain silent and even finish silently. If we can get salvation by just controlling the sperm, eunuchs can get salvation. If we can get Lord by walking bare foot then the flock monkeys who always walk bare foot. So they can get it easily. And those people who are hypnotized by ladies and are trapped with lust , anger ,greed, attachment and ego, they are quite unaware about the presence of God then how these people can get salvation. If we can get God by walking in the forest, then the ghosts who always keep on roaming in the forest can easily visualize Him. If we can get God by taking the diet of milk, all the kids who are always remain on the diet of milk can get Him. If we can get God by depending on air then the snakes who always depend on the air could get Him. If by sacrificing wealth and money and just eating the fodder (grass) then ox who works very hard whole day long and just depend on the grass could get Him. Those who can fly high in the sky by superstitious powers then the birds could get Him, who always fly high in the sky. If we can get God by keeping the eyes closed, then the Bagula, he cat, and wolf that close their eyes during the hunt can get Him. Who so ever the great intellectuals and Saints, they know the reality of these pretenders but they never disclose it. But if we do not attach our mind in worldly things only then we can visualize God.
He provides his selfless services to mankind. He provides his teachings free of cost and does not charge any fee against this.
Sage and renunciation
(Normally) Generally the person who leaves home and goes to the forest is known as renunciator and they appreciate him.
There is no need of outer sacrifice in spiritualism. Sacrifice associated with stored deeds which are very much necessary to compensate human beings. Real renunciator never depend on sacrifice, he can be a renunciator by living in the world. King Janak, Guru Govind singh, Guru Nanak and Param saint Sawan Shah and many other great saints though they did not sacrifice any thing. Yet they were renunciator by mind.

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The people of this world think miracle to be a great thing. Commonly every body raises this question that if any saint has any power, why he does not show his miracles to the whole world.
If the people showing the miracles and keeping the superstitious powers are named as saints, then all the jugglers and those doing the mesmerism are roaming in the streets to earn money by showing feats could be called saints.
We should not think it wise that who does not have any miracle power, is not a true saint. The true Ram Nam is a very great thing.
Saint Guru Nanak sahib says if anyone attains such a power that he becomes invisible in the eyes of the world, and takes information from other planets. Who can live without meals even then it is quite impossible for him to reach up to that True Nam.
True Nam has a great power. Kabir sahib used to say these miracles are a deception. There is nothing in it. The user of these can never free himself from the vicious circle of 84.
A Muslim saint writes, if you have learnt how to fly in the air, then so what? Even a fly is doing the same. If you have learnt how to walk on water, then so what? Even a straw can do it. If you want to do something, then control your mind. Which rarely any body has done so far.
It is the greatest miracle to control this mind. These miracles are the game of mind, when the power of the mind awakes, these kind of power generates, which can do every thing.
e.g. To stop the running train, To make the rain start, to provide a son, To kill some body to cure the sick. To fly in sky. These all miracles are mischief of the mind.
Usually, the lower level sage either store money or make use of it to increase their prestige. A very famous sage of Bombay Sh. Mehar Baba writes that these Yogis use their power in order to please the rulers or people. So in their rebirth they become stone or metal.
True saints or sages if started showing miracles to people to make them their disciples, then the whole world will start pursuing them. It is not a difficult task for them to show the miracles. But this is not the right path of the true saints. Neither they want to possess wealth nor do they want to gain prestige. They feel ecstatic just at the name of Lord and don’t think it wise to make use of that power entrusted to them by ‘GOD’ Himself.
They feel satisfied and contented by surrendering themselves to the Almighty. They just have the True Nam of ‘Ram’. They themselves recite that Nam and advise others to do the same. They adopt only those souls who are really interested in ‘God- realization’. Those people, who are attracted towards worldly or materialistic things, They don’t like their- company. Bhai Guru Dass writes about the Sidh purush when they inquired what kind of power you possess, Saint Guru Nanak Dev ji informed, that we don’t have any miracle power other than the True Nam.
On any particular occasion and with the permission of God (Sat- Guru), any mesmerizer may make use of this privilege, this is a secondary issue. E.g. like Saint Kabir Sahib once shown gold and a lot of Gold around the sage. Though he was forcing St. Kabir Sahib to remove His poverty by making use of Paras to make Gold. As in the same manner Guru Nanak Sahib made the fruits of the Rithe so sweet and delicious while the remaining fruits of other side were bitter. And even the Guru Nanak Sahib stopped the mountain just with the help of his hand, thrown at Him by Wali Kandhari or while he was sent to jail with the other sages to rotate the hand grinding. Their hand grinding started working automatically.
Though the Saint does not show some miracles, even then the people come to know that they possess some extra-ordinary power. Like the fragrance of spirituality spread in the atmosphere, like wise the same way, the environment becomes and provides fragrance in the surrounding of the shop, who sells perfumes.

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It is quite difficult to search the true sage or Saint. The Saints are the kings of their time. Like there is no compulsion of any type on the kings, like wise the Saint also don’t remain under any compulsion. They live the way, they want to and what they feel appropriate, they make rules and regulations accordingly.
Maulvi Rum Sahib says that you can never check saints according to your intellect. How, we can identify a True Saint, it all depends upon the mercy of God and on our True Devotion. If we have the True Devotion and Intuition Then Satguru (Lord) Sort out some means to take a glimpse of the Perfect Master. It all depends upon how truthful and devoted we are!
Though the circumstances may not be favorable but when ever we are in need of anything, we even strive to get it.
The Almighty (God) who is within everybody observes everything. If you have the true feelings and you knock at the door of Satguru (Lord) by being humble and polite. Your request would be heard by all means. Your all desires will be fulfilled.
Ask and it shall be given, Seek and Ye shall be find, Knock and it shall be opened unto you. For everyone that asketh, receiveth; He that seeketh, findeth; and to him that knocketh, it shall be opened (St. Math. VII-7, 8)

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Symbols in a True Saint

Normally, we do find these symbols in a sage or saint.
The true sage is the doer (lord) not a beggar.
He provides His selfless services to mankind. He provides His teachings free of cost and does not charge any fee against this.
He does not do anything depending upon the world. . He has full faith in God (lord) The Lord provides Him that treasure which by spending does not finish and the thieves cannot steal it.
He is the lord of the highest order (character). He is free from the bondage of Indrias. His mind is quiet and stable and He is free from the worldly desires, ie. Lust, anger, greed, attachment and vanity.
inspite of all powerful, He is full of politeness & courtesy and always remain a humble servant to everybody. He remains ignorant inspite of knowing everything and dwells in this world like a innocent and humble person.
He speaks little, Always speaks the truth and talks politely and touches everybody’s heart. He never has any ill-will feelings, jealousy or enmity for anyone.
He has a radiant form which is the provider of (become a source) happiness for others.
The light of His eyes attracts everyone, the compassion and humility comes out of it.
He is the treasure of love and his body is full with the fragrance of spirituality the tides of spiritual love sprouts out of it. Even the impure eyes & the dirty heart gets a blissful feeling after taking the glimpse of His Lord who is the most loving & most attractive.
His Satsang (Preachings) is full of facts &logic and touches everybody’s heart and most of the initiated souls gets the answers of their quarries and this way it removes all their doubts.
He thinks & treats equal all the castes & creed . He observes God (lord) in everyone. Without making any discrimination. He delivers a common lecture (preachings ) for everyone.
He observes every body equally whether he is a child, an old person, a young man, either he is rich or poor, Healthy or sick, Beautiful or ugly.
His teachings are very simple, which is not the out come of (Yield) of any thought or imagination. What so ever He says, He never says anything read out or hearsay, He says and sticks to what He observes with His eyes.
He never gets angry with anybody and He doesn’t speak with anger. If sometime He shows His anger then that is meant for others benevolence.
He never call Himself Guru and He never says to pray (Adore) Him. His teachings is based on light and sound current (Surat – Shabd).
He never takes any offerings or wishes anybody to pray Him or touch His feets. Rather He wishes others (Satsangis) to visualize your God within. Your True Saint, Your True Guru, Thakur, True pilgrimage and the True epic dwells in your body itself. He always says that this body itself is the temple of living God.

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This is the end of my post BY: Jasdir singh jaura.

This is the end of my post BY: jasdir singh jaura.

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“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.

Trilok | Tue, 08/17/2010 - 07:09
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Real truth.

Very nice post .
You have very beautifully summaries the true thing.
Such posting can understand by all when written from inner of heart.

Trilok | Tue, 08/17/2010 - 06:59
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Thankyou sir a lot,
I think you are only the person on this site who can understand me "TRUELY"
Very rare person have the Quality like this,who spend their day & night or their valuable time in understanding others,
Well sir please don't stop sending your comments it encourages me too much, Once again thank you so much for wasting ur valuable time day & night, For the peoples like me.

jasdir singh jaura | Tue, 08/17/2010 - 07:31
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Something Jenioun

Something jenioun i can say,
or digestable, good.

rajj | Tue, 08/17/2010 - 13:06
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How do we knock ?

How do we knock ?

Mr jack | Mon, 04/22/2013 - 19:09