True "GURU" is ready now,

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few days before i joined guru's feet .com, but now i have become the guru myself, because you know my karma points have reached obove 2012 ,and i have taught number of peoples obout sprituality,enlightenment, true meditation,truth and many more ,most of them has get enlightened with god , and rest of them are on a true spritual path , i have failed everybody,number of people have added me in their soual mate list, most of them are girls, but i am not having time for anybody now people have started coming at my home ,they are offering me big invitations because i am the master of sprituality,and now i am planning to change the name of site as seeker's,so shortly u will be with new screen ,so now god is not far ,yes now it is the time click on seekers's ,shortly u will be get enlightened with god ,than u can walk on a spritual path in any dress u like, but only shorts are allowed specially for ladies, we accept all debit & credit cards, execpt master card, childrens above 95 years are not allowed, special discount for the girls of age between 16-25 years , hurry up offer vailed till 21st december 2012. thank u by: seeker's please don,t think that it is a spritual joke