The True Mirror

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In the blog on Schizophrenia there is a description of it being a psychiatric illness. "It is a mental disorder characterized by abnormalities in the perception or expression of reality and the sense of self. Symptoms of Schizophrenia include from the perspective of mainstream psychology: an altered sense of self or loss of sense of self, hallucinations, delusions and thought disorder."

"We cannot run away from the fact that these symptoms of Schizophrenia are similar to some of the symptoms of higher spiritual states including enlightenment."

We shall examine the differences between Schizophrenia and higher spiritual states including enlightenment.

Now we all know a mirror helps us look at our face. But lets say that the mirror is distorted . In that case our view will also be distorted. Better still let us take the example of glasses. Now the distortion in our vision will be dependent on the purity of our glasses. Or one could say that glasses act as a viel. In this connection i had written regarding the tradition describing Veils in the Blog

Our mind acts as a distorting medium and the symptoms of Schizophrenia are an exaggeration of the common human malady. However in case of sages and saints the ego being absent the distortion is not there. There imaginative faculty supplies the clay to express or perceive the divine truths.

Our intelligence (soul or self) is a true light which illumines and reflects everything correctly and therein lies our hope of perceiving objective truths. But in us this light comes to us not in the purest form but as a secondary or tertiary reflection. This is very much like the Sun's light reaching us after being reflected by Moon and then falling on a mirror kept in a house and then its reflection illumining the objects. Would we be able to see clearly in such a case.

However, in the case of saints they receive the light directly from the intelligence and there imaginative faculty does the task of capturing that light as the conscious or thinking mind remains absent during such flashes of illumination.

I would therefore say that there is a difference of degree but not of kind between a normal healthy man and one suffering from Schizophrenia. But the difference between Schizophrenia and higher spiritual states including enlightenment is one of kind and therefore vast.