A trick to increase trust and belief in the beyond

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I'm sure many find themselves, as I find myself sometimes, very concerned with a deep rooted feeling of skepticism, mental islands of distrust in god, in spite of all experiences and miracles we have seen, the mind still guards his control by repeating this conditioning of not believing, of skepticism.

So what is the solution? Well, the same universal solution that we keep forgetting about (actually that the mind keeps forgetting about): Accept! Accept your current skepticism!

Most spiritual teachers respond to such a case with the command: so trust! so divorce skepticism!... Very nice, if I could do this just like this, I would not need you as my guru... This command only increases the conflict and the disappointment and thus just breeds the mind which in its turn increases skepticism, one of its fundamental building blocks.

So what is the solution? Well, the same universal solution that we keep forgetting about (actually that the mind keeps forgetting about): Accept! Accept your current skepticism!.

Simple, yet so few of us remember to adopt this approach.

In our terrified search for cure for skepticism, in our blunt trial to abolish skepticism, we merely reject this "evil" skepticism, we do not accept it and the skepticism in response just increases, as everything in our mental world does when we reject it, it gains strength.

Yes, surrender to the fact that you are skeptic right now, don't mind so much about this skepticism, let it be for god sake. Yes, I am skeptic right now, so what? let this skeptic energy be here (admit it, you currently have no choice anyway, right?) but... beware not to identify with it, just accept and observe your skepticism as an object.

What will happen is that after some time of no rejection, you will suddenly find that you are not the skeptic entity anymore, the subject has receded into something more delicate and sublime, something that does believe (otherwise this "I" wouldn't have been so preoccupied by the skepticism...). The "I" that will be there then, the subject that you will be identified with at that point will be in enormous trust, actually you will be in a state of not caring: trust or mistrust will not matter much to you, this is the divine connectivity with the beyond, you will feel it.

Try it and always remember: accept "whatever is" is the only door to progress when we deal with our tricky mind. By fighting, by rejecting, by forcing, by imposing conflict you only strengthen your mind.

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your blog entry

I totally agree about the skepticism. We need to believe that things will get better when it doesn't seem like they will at the moment we are being skeptical. Easier said than done. My husband is like this. He is such a skeptic but is such an uplifting person when it comes to other people, just not himself. With all the miracles and such, you would think that people would be more accepting. I blame what is going on in the world. People don't seem to think their voice and actions matter as much. I could write lots more on this, but I won't for your sake.

I will start to accept more and maybe more people will.

Kath (dekeydoker)

dekeydoker | Fri, 12/28/2007 - 08:50
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But beware not to fight your skepticism

Kath -

As you imply, we face this internal "I" that many times is skeptical and hopelessly want so much to abolish it (as you write "easier said than done").

This is the delicate point where most people take the wrong path, they try to impose trust on themselves with force, and this does not work, we all been there, we all tasted very well this frustration; this resistance approach only enforces skepticism. As I wrote before at this point the miraculous path is to... accept! Yes, to accept our skepticism wholeheartedly, to pet it with inner compassion, to make peace with it, to observe it rather than to suppress it. Then it just vanishes... This is the most important issue when coping with distrust in the universe/god and so many people, religious as well as atheist, so many people fail at this point... And it is so easy to walk in this path, actually it is the easiest path...

But our mind gives value only to hard paths... Hardship gives value of achievement to the ego, plus, we were conditioned to value hard work, resistance, will power, and other pedagogic ideals... So, no matter how many miracles we are fortunate to witness, our stubborn mind will return to its old habits and conditionings of skepticism. This is the point where we must apply acceptance and forgiveness, not to resist!

angel76 | Fri, 12/28/2007 - 21:32
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This is my Exprience!

It is my experience, to accept builds more distrust. I have found that an intricate part of being man is the questioning mind. That is because the definition of man is mind able to comprehend all things. Therefore I have found the answer to be faith, the process of finding substance and evidence to make one recognize the possibility it exists although unseen (Bible's Hebrews 11:1).

I searched for evidence and substance that god exists, and the more I looked the less it appeared to have an existence other than "I an god unto myself". However, to reach that stage one has to put themselves in the situation where there is no help but one's own ability to survive. So long as we maintain the conditions of society, the interdependence of man on other man, we need a god even it it is another man.

Elijah "NatureBoy"--If I have caused you to question your beliefs I have accomplished my mission. Now, reason the differences in our concepts and reason that until you have reasoned all pros and co

Elijah_NatureBoy | Thu, 07/17/2008 - 23:36
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Then your acceptance was not total

If you experience is that acceptance builds more distrust then your acceptance was not total, there was something wrong with your acceptance. It is OK, accepting is an art with a lot of pitfalls, check where you missed the point and tacitly did not truly accept. Keep on trying to accept, do not be afraid from the currently resulting distrust. Accept also the distrust you are currently experiencing.

True acceptance and trust are synonyms. In language as well as in practice. When you accept totally you see it clearly that trust and belief conquer you.

I suspect the reason for your distrust and confusion is not acceptance but the very reasoning and logic and concepts you are clearly into.

I would recommend you to do the following test for a few days, what do you have to lose: Leave for a while the scriptures and the logical questioning and try instead to activate first-hand inner experience: watch your mind while in activity. Calm down and and just watch. Just observe your mind trying to do all this stuff of thinking, reasoning and quoting. Watching does not mean trying to stop this thinking process or resisting it, just watch it instead of being it. You will find out that this watching is easier that you had imagined, plus, not less entertaining than the doing of the thinking itself.

And one more tip that you might find helpful: If I were you I would change the footer into:

Elijah "NatureBoy"--If I have caused myself to question my beliefs I have accomplished my mission.


angel76 | Fri, 07/18/2008 - 06:03
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In India, it is widely believed that nothing happens against the will of the supreme. There is also a saying in hindi as: Upar wale ki marzi ke bina ek patta bhi nahi hil sakta. That also simply means that even with all our efforts, all the time the outcome of our actions may not be as expected or WANTED by anyone. But, once one begins to understand this, one still does the action with complete trust and understanding that the outcome shall be in harmony with the nature and with all that exists. At this stage the outcome is of no consequence to the doer. The doership dies and there is only HIS will. This can be simply put as surrender; and the outcomes-the fruits in harmony. And in surrender, one is so much in tune with existance that he starts doing action that is in accordance with the harmony that HE is maintaining. in bliss

preeti | Tue, 08/19/2008 - 10:08
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from gross to subtle

Kind assistance. tnx. this unfolds a belief with subtle qualities.

davids | Thu, 01/08/2009 - 10:15
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beyond belief and disbelief lies a 3rd state

Beyond the common states of the mind that we call "belief" and "skepticism" or rather "theism" and "atheism" lies a third state which doesn't have a name and is characterized by a deep notion of connectedness with that which we call "God".

The path to this state goes through aloofness from whether we have a belief or not, through being able to not be annoyed by our not being able to believe. This divine conscious ability to accept our disbelief, not be troubled by our disbelief, weakens the mind and opens the gate to a state of belief and unity with God that is much stronger and deeper than the usual state of belief of the mind.

Check it out.

george | Sat, 08/06/2011 - 05:34
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The same force

The same force that operates in the one sitting still, operates in the one running helter-skelter.
So it is with the skeptic and the one with complete faith..!!


MAI | Mon, 01/07/2013 - 03:10
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Skepticism, A Requirement For Comprehending Truth!

We are living in the plane of duality where one sense perception magnifies the other, skepticism magnifies belief and necessary for accepting a belief. It is only in finding the joining point of the 2 does one overcome them both. In other words, put skepticism and belief in the same category as dark and light. One would never recognize darkness {the union of all things} without light {the magnifier of thing's details} and the only way to know they exist is to cross from one to the other, the only way to eliminate them both is to is to remain in their joining point.

Enter a room void of all light that you've never been in and navigate yourself around in it, so what do you do? You put your hands out in the direction you are going, you move your feet slow and deliberate so as not to hump something to the point of injury and you listens for any sound you are conscious of. Now, go as far ahead as you can until you touch what you consider the opposite wall, turn left or right following the wall you have reached and see if it goes straight or circular. If straight follow it until it reaches an intersecting wall, does it go 90 degrees in the direct you turned or less and continue your navigating to determine the size and shape. If it is square, then attempt to navigate to what you perceive as cater-corner, and once there go to another corner and do the same. Then go in other directions experimenting to determines if the room has objects in it, inspect to determine what they are if so, thus, you get an idea of it's size and other details. Now, exit the room and record what you perceived to have been present then, with illumination, return to see if your assessment is correct.

You can then turn that experience inside out like a day on earth, which, on moonless nights you are blind except for shadowy objects against the lighter sky and in the morning you can see the details of your night's exploration. However, from first light to sun's appearing and sun's disappearing to dark are transitions and, in observing them, you see light rays appearing and disappear from sight bringing either morning or evening. In order to not forget either one has to remain moving at the speed of the transitions to always be aware of the 2 while never allowing either to be in complete control. That is what one must consider with skepticism of and belief in god, explore one then the other to find their joint points and remain there.

--Elijah "NatureBoy"--
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Elijah_NatureBoy | Mon, 12/23/2013 - 13:33