Treatment of Animals - Part Four - Saving the Whales

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Treatment of Animals - Part Four - Saving the Whales

This exchange between a researcher and William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, occurred shortly after the 1988 effort to save a group of grey whales trapped by an ice pack in the Beaufort Sea.

Questioner: Recently, a large number of people expended a great deal of energy and effort to save, at the beginning, three whales, eventually, two whales that had become trapped in ice during their migration south. Some people criticized that effort, saying it might have been better spent in other ways. I was wondering if you would comment on that kind of expenditure of effort to save two wild animals?

The Council: It shows you the beauty that can lie within each one of you, it shows you the godliness that is there if you allow it to come out. It is a great credit to those who were involved in such a situation. It saddens us though that such beauty, such light, such concern, cannot be shown for one another. For each of you are as helpless as the wild animals who may be trapped by nature. Such demonstrations of care and concern should serve as an example of how good man can be, if he chooses, but at the same time it is a stern condemnation of those who refuse to care -- for animals or for their brothers and sisters. There is no limit to which you can reach. Each of you have enough goodliness in you, enough love in you, that if you choose and you open yourselves up to God, you can transform the world, and every once in a while you are all blessed to witness how beautiful man can be when he chooses. Does that answer the question?

Questioner: Yes, it does. Thank you very much.

The Council: If man can have such love and concern for animals, he can have a thousand times that love and concern for his fellow man, because his relationship to his fellow man is much closer, much more natural, and much more attuned. So use such experiences as an example to follow, an example of the potential that lies in each one of you. The problem is: All too many of you do not respect yourselves. You do not love yourselves. You do not care about yourselves. So you wreak all forms of havoc on yourselves, and then in order to alleviate yourself of the responsibility, you blame it on karma, you blame it on a punishing God, you blame it on a thousand and one things. This Divine Love is available to each and every one of you, if you will only allow it to flow through you, to become a part of you. It is there. All you have to do is accept it.

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