Translation of Adhi Sankara's stotra rathnas

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For the past ten years I have been doing translation of various stotrams,. I have so far translated 600 stotra rathnas. I am now trying to look back as to that I have done.

Possibly the greatest contribution to the stotra literature has come from Adhi Shankara. His utter sense of devotion , simplicity in choice of words, fluency and very musical writings have endeared his writings to all his devotees. I had the good fortune to translate some of his great works in to English and they are:-

2.Govindashtakam -
3.Bhagwan Manasa Pooja-
4.Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Karavalambam-
5.Sri Rama Bhujangam-
6.Bhaja Govindam-
7.Krishna ashtakam-
8.Shivananda Lahari-
9.Sri Dakshina Murthy ashtakam-
10.Shiva Manasa Pooja-
12.Shiva BHujanga prayatha stotram-
15.Lalitha Pancharathnam-
16.Soundarya Lahari-
17. Bhavani ashtakam-
18.Bhavani Bhujangam-
19.TRipurasundari ashtakam-
20.Manthra mathruka pushpa mala sthavam-
21Raja Rajeswari manthra mathruka sthavam-
22.Kalpa Shaki sthavam-
23.Meenakshi stotram-
24.Gauri Dasakam- .
25.Ananda Lahari-
26.Akhilandeswari Manthra Mathruka pushpa mala-
27.Vageeswari sthavam-
28.Sharada bhujanga prayata stotram-
29.Ganesa Pancha rathnam-
30.Subramanya Bhujangam-
32.Hanumth Pancha Rathnam-
33.Hanumath Bhujanga prayata stotram-
34.Nirvana Shatkam-
35.Athma Panchakam-
36.SAdhana Panchakam-
37.Kaupeena Panchakam-
38.Prasnothara Rathna malika-
40.Nirvana Manjari-
41.Dasa sloki-
42.Shad pathi-
43.Maya Panchakam-
45.Anathma csri vigrahana Prakaranam-
46.Vijnana Nauka-
47.Mathru Panchakam-
49.Kala bhairavashtakam-
50.Pratha smarana stotram-
51.Kasi Panchakam-

With best wishes, Ramachander

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What is stortram?

Can you explain what stotram, stotra rathnas are at all?

From which language you translated them?

Some background?


doo | Thu, 03/17/2011 - 06:03
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Stotrams are Hindu prayers. They mean praise of God. I have translated these from Sanskrit. Stotra rathna means prayer gems


ramya475 | Thu, 03/17/2011 - 06:06