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Transformation of psyche is nothing but transformation of thoughts for psyche is a bundle or web of various thoughts interlinked in some way of which we may not be conscious.

Our thinking is mechanical and that we are conscious and may be actively involved in the process is no indicator that it is not. We think through associations and one thing leads to another. We owe much to our conditioning and education and our seeming resolves and achieving a directional purpose is due to other factors (motivations) that help us keep focused. This does not make it any more conscious for the subconscious mechanism of motivations and conditioning goes unnoticed.

We could say our inward gaze is not penetrative enough to access the deeper layers of our psyche and we are only aware of surface waking consciousness as our focus is on rewards and outward immediate gains. Our attention is trapped in petty self concerns and interests. Added to this is the daily wear and tear due to conflict which degrades the quality and depth of attention.

All so called techniques do not help achieve a radical change for they do not address the root cause that lie in the subconscious and our outward orientation which is a product of societal conditioning. Therefore the beginning has to a radical reappraisal of values.

Could it be that in Listening is transformation?