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Intellectual understanding does not bring transformation in our psyche and without a fundamental transformation in our ways of thinking and acting we cannot cross the river of sorrow which life has become. So long as we are mired in sorrow and conflict all our efforts at devotion become an escape from the problems staring at us.

Love and compassion is therefore an understanding of my problems which are not mine alone for they are shared in somewhat equal measure by all for we are conditioned by the same society.

Problems must be seen in an impersonal manner and realised as a Person for an abstraction would lead to an alienation and splitting of psyche.

All this requires great intelligence which cannot operate when we look to the light of other for the situation is ever changing and dynamic. By throwing out half understood beliefs, relinquishing quixotic adventures and giving up self pity we gather up energy and that is intelligence. Intelligence and energy may not be two but one and the same thing when we have relinquished escape.

Therefore it would be worthwhile asking why we spend so much time in theory?