Transcending Judgment in Meditation

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"You cannot enter
witness consciousness
if you are still holding on
to judgments.
It is not possible.

Because judgments
separate you from
everything else.

But I am not saying
"don't have judgments"
but rather, in meditation,
turn your attention
back on to yourself
and accept what is there.

Accept whatever thoughts are there,
whatever feelings are there,
whatever sensations are there.

Not in the sense of a self-help idea
of "I accept and love myself as I am"
because in that you are still
placing something on top
of what is already here.

But rather
simply see what is
without any involvement.

Perhaps at first
from an intellectual understanding
it may be to see you are as you are
without adding anything on to that.

But from there,
if you really accept
what is happening in this moment
the personal sense of "me"

If you really allow
your thoughts
and at the same time
you are aware of your thoughts,
they no longer are your thoughts.

By fully relaxing into this moment
to the point where you can
notice what is happening
without any personal involvement
with it whatsoever,
a shift happens.

This sense of
a personal "me"
disappears and there
is simply is-ness.

The action of thinking
is there on it's own
as is-ness itself.

Everything simply is,
consciousness simply is,
existence simply is.
There is no person
perceiving it but rather
the essence of everything
as consciousness
is aware of being conscious.
Not as an object
but as limitless energy.

The idea of time disappears
and there is only
the eternal now,
surprising itself
with it's own delightful
appearances and disappearances.



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