Transcending Happiness into Bliss

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"Anybody that tries
to sell you the idea
that you can be happy
all the time
is lying to you.

The very trying to be happy
increases your stress.

Is happiness really better
than another emotion?

Is it better than anger?
Is it better than no emotion
at all?

These are the lies
that have been told to you,
that the mind keeps
telling you are real.

Lets say you get a raise,
or a pretty woman/man
smiles at you;
that makes you happy.

Endorphins are released
and for a short period of time
you feel on top of the world
there is excitement.

And then after that wears off,
like an addict,
you are looking for the next
excitement, the next happiness.

And that is suffering.

Now, say a bird poops on your head.
Does that make you happy?

Do you try to be happy
when a bird poops on your head?

Do you try to convince yourself
it is good luck or some other nonsense
to try and suppress
what you are really feeling?

Unless you like that sort of thing,
it doesn't make you happy.

There might be anger,
there might be embarrassment.

Whatever is there
if you feel it,
if you give your complete
attention to that feeling,
to that experience,

then you fall into what is there
underneath it,
you rest in what the whole
experience has emerged
out of and held in
and that is bliss.

You experience bliss.

You experience the same
bliss in happiness, sadness
anger, loneliness, laughter.

It is the underlying current
that lights up all emotion.

And it is not that there is a 'you'
that can be blissful all the time.
You give up this you
that tries to make something
to be a certain way.

You fall through the idea
of this separate you
into that which is underneath it.

And this happens
by letting your attention
fall into this moment.

By having either the discipline
or the love
to keep your attention here
instead of looking for the next
pay off, the next pleasure that can
get you through another minute
of excruciating existence.

And make no mistake about it,
that is how the mind
sees this moment.

It is desperate
to avoid this moment.

But the moment you allow yourself
to experience this excruciating existence,
there is freedom,
you experience the essence of life
which is bliss.

And if you make
this underlying current
your focus
then you will experience the peace
that is the essence of all experience.

It doesn't take you out of experience
but rather right through it
into the unfathomable depth
of this moment.



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