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There can be no single path to Truth. In any case I realised long ago that much as I admired Ramana Maharshi or Jiddu Krishnamurti I would not want to be like them. Different sages said things differently and there was no use quarrelling over words and expressions and they may have had different realisations too. Merely to pitch one against the other or choose one to be more correct would be childish.

These days though I like many of their posts I don't necessarily would want to use the very same words or try to conceive of a reality indicated by their worldview. Do I have an alternate view? The answer is both yes and no. As to the former my life situations have been and are different and my paradigm must be able to deal with all my past as well as my daily experience and be a part of my daily living.

Having said that I feel Tradition has an advantage over individual proclamations of Truth. Though the proof of the pudding is in the eating, there may be nothing new under the Sun that has not been discovered in the realm of psyche and beyond. All we need to do is to validate it in our own way and let others do the same without being dogmatic about it or being holier than thou.