The total concept of God

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God comes down to the world of human beings by entering a human body

Krishna gave two statements in the Gita. The first statement is that He is unimaginable because nobody can know Him (Maam tu veda na kashchana …). The second statement is that He entered a human body (manushim tanumaashritam …). These statements together give the total concept of God. God is beyond spatial dimensions and hence, He is beyond imagination. In order to preach the spiritual knowledge, to give the correct direction to the humanity, He comes down to the world of human beings by entering a human body (a particular deserving devotee existing at that point of time, also called as ‘Son of God’).

The human body means a human being. The inert material body associated with inert energy consisting of awareness with different feelings (jeeva) is the human body. Human body does not mean mere inert body containing inert matter and inert energy only. Such a body cannot be even a living body due to absence of life. If you say living body, it may mean the body of a bird or an animal also. Such living body cannot deliver the knowledge to the human beings.
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This is god going through incarnation.
But what about people who hear him during meditation ?
Or people who are blessed by god , when god becomes happy about their prayers to him.
What are those ?

mittaladitya89 | Sat, 04/07/2012 - 14:24
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Practical sacrifice is very important

God comes in human form in every generation. ONe shall meet Him and enter into practical service in His mission of divine knowledge propagation here on the earth. God comes for preaching divine knowledge and to uplift the humanity. One shall become a devotee of Such God in human form of your time. Then God will be very much pleased. Only practical sacrifice alone can please God. Prayer is only a theoretical worship. God is pleased with it, but His pleased will be very high if one do practical service to Him when He comes to this world in human form. Prayer is only just a starting step. When one really crave for GOd then one will meet God in human form of His time and enter into His service. His service means helping Him to propagate His divine knowledge in this world by all means.

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dattaswami2 | Sat, 04/07/2012 - 15:34