Total Abyss

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Total Abyss©

Slowly, the water rises up - the whirlpool engulfs me

Deeper and deeper into darkness, I can no longer see

Numbness overtakes, coldness sets in…emptiness

Withering away, peeling back the layers into nothingness

I wonder sometimes, as blankness overtakes…

Is this what a dead man makes…

The void deep … stillness—total abyss

Lost in the Universal crevice

Picked up by the Cosmic flow

Remembering things I used to know

Way back when time was naught

And all these things were learnt and taught

Releasing all to the Spirit of One

Dearest God, thy Will be done…

Copyright © 2008-2009. All rights reserved.

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relating to words

I wrote a song with simular words recently.
Was about society killing me and polluting me but me letting them do it. drowning slowly.
That's cool I enjoyed reading that....Copy and paste,:-> cheers x

Oli | Wed, 09/02/2009 - 12:46
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Universal mind...connecting

Ohhh so wonderful!

I would love to see what you wrote. Isn't it uncanny how interconnected we all are?

Peace and love!

The Divinity within you illuminates the world around you...

Premananda | Wed, 09/02/2009 - 12:58
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All rights reserved?

Rights of what?

Of reality©? Of existence©? of God©? of what?

So ignorant.

sonti | Wed, 09/02/2009 - 14:25
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behold the reflection of self...

Peace be with you!

Ignorance, like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Remember what you choose to see in others is only a mirrored reflection of self.

The Divinity within you illuminates the world around you...

Premananda | Wed, 09/02/2009 - 18:40
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Here is another mirror reflection of the self: Instead of addressing sincerely the concerning point he pointed out, you resorted to respond in a childish manipulative way.

samsara | Thu, 09/03/2009 - 05:36
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It is self-evident what copyrighted means and did not warrant the need for further explanation.

And, for your information, was addressing that which comes from a place of sophomoric judgment-- "so ignorant". Honestly, I do not see what is manipulative or childish about my reply. It is just the truth. Perhaps you too should consider why you are so reactionary.

In any event, I will end this here as I do not think that we should be wasting so much energy on such negativity.

May peace be with you!

The Divinity within you illuminates the world around you...

Premananda | Thu, 09/03/2009 - 06:10
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Franfly, I think that putting such copyright statements (which btw have no influence or legal significance) are the signs for negativity.

Plus, they give bad taste and are so contradictive to the essence of spiritual activity and genuine and open spiritual discussion such as the one conducted here and in other spiritual forums.

Regarding ignorance - I think he meant to hint that one understands at some point that nothing is his property, especially not spiritual insights in whatever form and that hidden commercial and ego agendas are destructive to the spirirual progress.

Tania | Thu, 09/03/2009 - 10:37
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The buck stops here...


Quite frankly, my right to copyright the material that I have written, is not open for discussion. It is my choice.

I think that to continue with a discussion that just perpetuates negativity and creates illusion is what is in bad taste. Sad isn't it that instead of having a spiritual discussion, the attention has been deflected to a debate that has no intrinsic value other than to propagate negativity and animosity.

True spirituality is not trying to infringe on the free will of another, but to respect that while the goal may be the same the path may differ. Psuedo-preachers-ideals-mores and higher than thou attitudes have no place on a spiritual forum. This should be a place of respect, love and peace...

Once again, I will ask that this ends here.

Peace, love and harmony to all!

The Divinity within you illuminates the world around you...

Premananda | Thu, 09/03/2009 - 11:22
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Now, now, children. Please

Now, now, children. Please try to remember that I'm the enemy here and the rest of you must be united in order to properly belittle me.

He offered a poem and he was inclined to remind the reader of his publishing rights. This is very often done with serious poems that one anticipates publishing, or perhaps has already done so. I see no justification for calling such a practice ignorance, nor is any explanation necessary as the symbol is self explanatory.

Phroggy | Thu, 09/03/2009 - 10:18
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Lol on your "GOD copyrights".

Tomorrow someone clones you would be crying foul.

AND if the doctor claimed each clone as his copyright you would be pulling out your hairs.

Surely you will not ask:

"Of reality©? Of existence©? of God©? of what?

So ignorant."

Do wish you could say you "So ignorant" then.

On a higher plain when we are all one with God you may be right.

Jai K Garg | Fri, 09/04/2009 - 04:15
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Have just joined this site and have joined to better my spiritual knowledge. I haven't joined to judge. These are people's blogs and peoples own words. Normal forums on the net are where you find most negitivity. Try and be less judging and more positive. If you are finding it hard to be positive. Just Don't reply to people blogs. It's much harder to be a bigger person but much more rewarding.

Peace x

Oli | Thu, 09/03/2009 - 07:27
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We are all aware that blog stands for web-log.
This ISN'T a forum.
It's a personal place for the web-logger to open up and exibit feelings and news/updates.

This isn't a place for debate. debate's exist in forums.
You can visit someones personal page, visit there blog and if you disagree...just don't reply.

It is hard even being positive in this world. Please try and keep negitive thoughts away from the blogs and keep them for the Forums.


Oli | Thu, 09/03/2009 - 10:56
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So everybody knows that

So everybody knows that blogs are to contain only positive comments and nobody is to address another in discussion or as you prefer "debate"? Is this your first experience with blogs? I see no rule that says all comments must be in agreement. As far as no 'debate', one wonders why there is a "reply" link at the bottom of each post and why they are indented so as to determine who is not discussing with whom.

There is a forum here, but ego prefers to have it's own separate place to say whatever it wants and gain more attention than being hidden somewhere in a forum reply, so the forum is not very active.

Perhaps the rules are just your particular preferences at this particular time. From my perspective, nearly everyone on this 'blog/forum' is long overdue for some good ego work, and so this ego nonsense is perhaps the only productive discussion happening here. Everything else is pretty much BS. At least this is 'real'.

Phroggy | Thu, 09/03/2009 - 21:35
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I did remember I had done a poem on the above picture....

I have been successful in locating the same and post it below.

To Love

I go to meet my lord of heaven
Regretful, drop flower petals
Broken, falling sadness in red
Reflections of me you can keep

Water flows in my love for you
With me I take the watery dews
Clinging mist tears shed by you
With each step I climb, I walk free.

Let your desire for love never die
Open your heart you will find me.

I hope you all like the emotions behind the poem.

Jai K Garg | Fri, 09/04/2009 - 05:21
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A few observations

(1) A beautiful poem. Painful but I think I also hear relaxing sounds.

(2) I recommend all to refrain from using the labels "negativity" and "projection". In 99% of the cases we are using them to protect us from confronting criticism which is so vital for our self development and spiritual growth. Anyone who ever been with an uncompromising master knows that we ultimately develop from the criticism, from the negative opinions, from these things that we hate to hear in the beginning, things that annoy us, things that provoke our rage. "Negativity" is not necessarily bad as "positivity" is not necessarily good (e.g. when it is not genuine, when it covers suppressed feelings which we find hard to accept in us, when it inflates our ego). Signal yourself when you have this kind of automatic reaction towards criticism, thank wholeheartedly and honestly the ones who gave you a negative criticism regardless of their possible motives, inspect sincerely if there is something true in that criticism and if you find it completely baseless simply let it go.

(3) Especially when walking in the road of spirituality and self development, the "how" is not less important than the "what", usually it is way more important because it is less controllable. Pay attention to how you criticize if you truly wish to help the other. Soften your tone and be sensitive to the feelings of the other. And you will see as a bonus how this awareness and sensitivity to the "how" impact yourself.

nancy pro | Fri, 09/04/2009 - 14:43
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A very positive attitude towards life, I would say...

...specially when we are here to learn about God and his ways.

Jai K Garg | Sat, 09/05/2009 - 04:42