On The Topic "Having Many Gurus"

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On The Topic 'Having Many Gurus':

Some seeker raised the above issue. My opinion has been reproduced here for the benefit of members. All are welcome to give their opinions.

See here, our parents who are first Gurus join us in school. In school we have to learn from many teachers. Then we go to college, university etc. We learn from many teachers. The teachers in school, give permission in the form of a certificate that one has been taught by them. They may go to college lecturers or teachers for further learning. This goes on as long as the student and his/her parents want him study or get a job.
But the basis of this learning is obeying our parents who are our first Gurus.
Similarly in spirituality, if one has not reached truth, he may go to another Guru with the permission of the present Guru.
This way one can change as many Gurus as one likes or till one reaches ultimate truth.
This point has been approved by our Adi Guru Lord Dattatreya when He taught to king Yadu.
No Guru can ask a disciple not to go to another Guru for Adi Guru Lord Dattatreya has given permission for learning knowledge from different Gurus.