Titles of the Spiritual leaders

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I am really not sure any one maintaining this site properly. Every one entering the people as Avatars, Gurus, etc.. We have recently seen Kalki, Nityananda. Please be true to yourself when you are really seeking spiritual path. Either yourself or for someone, please do not put such tags as Avatar, Guru etc.. Most of these people are barely Masters and teachers.

A Guru is very different to a teacher or a preacher. He/She is a beacon of spiritual light in our world and teaches us, the universal spiritual principles that underlie all religions and cultures. It takes lot's of time to become Guru.

The Sanskrit word "avatar" literally means "descent of God." Most of the world's religions have been given impetus and direction by these spiritual giants—the incarnations, prophets, and messengers of God. Jesus and Buddha, Rama and Krishna. Why the avatar incarnates is to reestablish the one eternal religion— spiritual truth. While every avatar has specific teachings, all incarnations come to pour spiritual fire into a world sinking into religious mediocrity

No one can declare themself as Guru. Please read Swami Yogananda Autobiography. If one cannot be easily be a Guru, then how one can be Avatar? In my opinion, Avatar tag must be given by god at very rare cases. Avatar means god send that soul or god himself taken living form for some changes to bring to the earth for happiness of living beings (not only humans). Like Meena, Varaha, Vamana etc just few examples, or Parashurama, Rama, Krishna, Babaji etc.. to quote some more... Who are never was selfish and only born to save/change living beings...

Please share your thoughts on this with pure heart...

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A title is just a title

The guru profiles are open for edit for everyone. You can therefore change the titles to what you think best reflects the role of the guru.

The titles are culture based and very much self proclaimed so of course they do not reflect some absolute truth and so should be regarded as such.

With regard, I like the amusing poem in http://www.gurusfeet.com/blog/his-holiness-sri-sri-sri-nobody-maharaj

happy | Fri, 08/13/2010 - 11:40
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Re: A title is just a title

You are right Ji, a title is just a title.

However, as we know most of the people now a days, just follow with the titles and confuse themselves. Their fate should not be like that. Hence thought of avoiding avoid that. As we know it is good to tell about wrong/bad than avoid/ignore it. Just keeping that in mind I posted this blog...

Thanks anyway Ji.

PNNM, A Spiritual Enthusiast

MoorthyPNN | Fri, 08/13/2010 - 13:57
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One should accept that title

One should accept that title naming, deceptions and other customary systems are not within his/her control.

happy | Fri, 08/13/2010 - 14:04
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"No one can declare themself

"No one can declare themself as Guru."
the statement:
"No one can declare themself as Guru."

is fundamental to the subject of "guru"
-- NO valid guru has ever claimed himself to be a guru;
it is an oxymoron for a guru to claim to be a guru ...

indeed a true guru will REFUSE to admit that s/he is a guru -- because s/he realizes he is NOT doing anything -- the SELF inside the “guru” is doing all the work of everything...
the Self is doing all the work for the guru.

ONLY the seeker who the Self inside the guru Awakens
can call his guru a "guru"
but only because s/he does not realize it is the SELF/Shakti INSIDE the guru
that does the Awakening.

if this site is going to allow anyone to call himself a guru,
then it is not just a HUGE JOKE
but a huge INSULT
to every true guru
who knew that he was not a real guru
because it was the SELF inside.

Really, Really, REALLY.

genep | Fri, 08/13/2010 - 15:35
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Re: Titles of the Spiritual leaders

Who claims himself God
Know him to be full of fraud.
Who claims Guru on his own
Know him to be a perfect clown.
’Cause God and Guru even disown
The merit that They really own.

*** Salutations to the shoes of my Eternal Father Guru Siddha Nath ***

Nathyogi | Fri, 09/19/2014 - 08:33