Tirumoolar, the Guru of Patanjali

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Tirumoolar, the Guru of Patanjali, lived 3000 years ago in Rameswaram, southernmost part of Tamil Nadu, India.

He is considered to be one of the sixty three exponents of Siva philosophy, a tradition, a culture and a religion by itself. This Siva tradition seems to be the oldest in the world, dating back to the origin of the world. Siva, the first enlightened soul of the mankind, is considered to be the senior most God, numero uno, of Hinduism.

Tirumoolar is also considered to be one of the eighteen siddhas of Tamil Nadu. These eighteen siddhas have written thousands of songs in Tamil, which particularly deal with medicine, the uncertainty of life, detachment, worshipping Siva or agnosticism.

Tirumoolar has written Tirumantiram, an ancient Tamil classic, which has more than 3000 four lined verses. Tirumantiram written 3000 years ago, gives us wisdom discussing a wide range of topics such as Tamil culture & tradition, Ethics & morality, Science & technology, Evolution of our body and mind, The secrets of our mind and body, How matter was created from emptiness, How man can uplift himself to higher stages of evolution etc.

Tirumantiram has not got its due attention and recognition, in spite of being considered on par with Tirukural, another Tamil classic. Tirumantiram uses a secret language so that only truly inspired will be able to understand it. But it contains a lot of wisdom that could improve our science & technology, understand the secrets of this universe and broaden our vision on our next step in evolution.

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"How matter was created from

"How matter was created from emptiness"

How was matter created from emptiness?

"...wisdom that could improve our science & technology."

Really? Then why hasn't technology advanced even more rapidly?

"...understand the secrets of this universe.?

Give some examples.

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Each line in this article

Each line in this article requires a full article to explain.

I am writing a series of articles on this subject. Please wait and watch.

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With baited breath

Sounds good to me.

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