Tirthapada-A tribute to a wonderful teacher and friend

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Tirthapada-a sanskrit name for Krishna/God meaning "sacred place of shelter"and the name given to him by his initiating guru and founder of ISKCON, Srila Prabhupada.

Shortly before Prabhupadas physical departure,he went to Tirthapada bowed to him and said"Your name means place of shelter and I have come to take shelter of you."Intriguing words and seemingly ignored or conveniantly forgotten by those godbrothers who have critisised and reviled him!

Anyway,this is not about them or politics or what has happened or been said in the past.Today is the 23rd anniversary of his untimely death in 1987 and also would have been his 62nd birthday.

I have been thinking of the meaning of his name and how very apt it truly was.Whenever he was present,chanting,praying,dancing or speaking of our divine origins,I felt sheltered and safe from all that is dark or cruel or ungodly in this world.My heart and my mind would fill with love and wonderment and be flooded with light and colours of every shade and hue.And with the most profound peace my soul had ever experienced.

His words and teachings were full of compassion and the deepest of all wisdoms and love of God just poured out of him constantly.Those wonderful huge dark eyes,pools of loving,non-judgemental understanding and when he looked at you,his vision seemed to penetrate all the veils of illusion and gaze into the beauty of each and every soul,no matter what kind of sorry state the individual might have appeared to be in!

He cared so very much about all the suffering souls and Mother Earth herself and seemed only to desire to help and heal,her and her inhabitants.

He was also full of fun and laughter and had that wonderful,dry incisive scorpio humour that would leave us dissolved with giggles,sometimes quite unexpectedly in the middle of a serious discussion!

When he danced,it was as if everything else just disappeared and nothing exsisted except the names of God and the ecstatic beauty of harmonic,graceful praise with our hearts,our minds,our bodies and our souls.

Its almost impossible to adequately describe how it felt to dance and chant with him,all I know is that I have never felt more at one with creation,than I did at those times in my life.When he glanced around and saw us all so blissfully absorbed and engaged in devotional praise,he smiled his radiant,enigmatic smile and everything was perfect and as it should be.

With or without LSD,this was how Tirthapada was,when he walked amongst us and it was always abundantly clear to me,that this great soul's primary purpose and motivation was the freedom and upliftment of every soul he came into contact with.

Since his dramatic physical departure on friday the 13th,1987 and his 39th birthday(3x13!),I have felt his loving,sheltering presence on many occasions,as I am sure have all his other friends and followers,helping me,consoling me,in my times of overwhelming sorrow and still making me laugh and reassuring me that our planet will see happier days,filled with love and light and truth and God consciousness.

I know that wherever he is now along with all the other departed masters and great spiritual teachers,that he works tirelessly for this emerging reality and today,I just wanted to remember him and thank him for being there,for what and who he is and for his amazing,colourful,massively compassionate and humourous personality and thank my lucky stars from the very depths of my being that our paths crossed!

Happy Birthday Tirthapada!!Wherever you are!

From your wayward but nonetheless ever faithful disciple,

Govinda-mohini devi dasi

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My Respectful Obeisances to such a Spiritual Master....

Such a magnificent life cut short amidst bizarre circumstances and lack of legal concern afterward. All glories to His Departed Grace.


Jason Lambert

jawala1969 | Sat, 11/03/2012 - 03:24