Tips to truth seekers part- 2

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This only to help and guide the truth seekers.
The seekers of truth should not take anyone as guru and indulge in glorifying that guru. He has to accept the self, itself as the guru, because there is no second thing other than the self, in the whole experince of diversity.The self, which is spirit is ultimate reality.

In religion and yoga the guru, and guru glorification is necessary. Since religion and yoga considers the matter as self, and trying to attain and achieve, the realization as a person, without realizing the fact that the person and his experince of the world is part and parcel of the mirage.

Therefore a yardstick is necessary to judge, what is truth, and what is not truth. The serious seeker will be able to have the yardstick, when he indulges in deeper inquiry and reasoning.Since the truth pursuit is a very personal journey, seeker has view and judge and assimilate and grasp the truth on his own.

He has to take some guidance from the fellow seekers of truth, only when he finds the doubts and confusion, which he is unable to overcome.

The seeker of truth never indulge in condemning the religious guru and yogis or their practices, but he has to know and realize, how the religion ,god glorification and yoga becomes obstacle in the pursuit of truth for his personal information. The seeker of truth has to understand the miracles and individual gods,paths and theories and practices are nothing to do with spirituality which is purely truth seeking.
The truth can be unfolded only through inquiry and reasoning on the true base.

The seekers of truth should not indulge in discussion and argument with religionists,yogis and intellectuals, which yields no fruits, since the base of discussion are on the different poles.Therefore seeker has to keep himself in silence mode in the company of the others who are not on the pursuit of truth.