Tips for the truth seekers-part-1

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This is only to help and guide the seekers of truth.
The modern seeker is in confusion,since the most of the human race has immersed itself in the quagmire of materialism,organized religion and god glorification and atheism, which has swallowed most of the life time. Man is not sure whether he has to take arms against treacherous tentacles of sheer hedonism,religious fanaticism in the name of religion and god, which is strangulating the human race today with wars and terrorism.

All the triumphs that man has achieved scientifically over the matter have made him slave of the matter. Modern seeker is now realizing the utter hollowness of the religion and its beliefs and discarding them, and turning towards spirituality, which is free from all religious and yogic dogmas.

Seeker has to rise triumphant into the realm of the the true eternal non dual identity, which is most essential to realize the fact that, man and his world, are part and parcel of the mirage which is mind. Eventually when man, surfeited by inanities of religion ,god glorification and yoga need turn to perennial springs of spiritual truth.

Once man turns to spirituality he finds that truth pursuit promises emancipation from the illusion of cycle of birth,life and death, which he experiences as reality.
Truth pursuit is based on the formless spirit, which is the true self.Whereas the religion and yoga and all the theories, paths and practices are based on the form as self. Therefore it is high time for everyone to understand that, religion and yoga and all paths and practices, which are based on the matter as self is not spirituality.

Spirituality leads the seeker to inquiring on how to find detachment, wisdom, freedom. The mind which is receptive and ready transformation happens simultaneously as it penetrates ,deeper through inquiry and reasoning. the seeker who has intense urge and has a capacity to grasp it, awakens.

The moment the seeking mind sense the fact that 'I' is not the self the witness of the 'I' or mind is the true self, it sense the tranquility of its non dual nature and it will have longing to abide in its non dual nature.

As Jesus said, it is no use of throwing pearls at the swines. Truth is of no use for those who believe the conceptual religion and its idea of god ,scriptural knowledge,theories and yoga as ultimate truth.

It is of no use of finding answers for the irrelevant questions in pursuit of truth. The seeker has to arrive at an opinion entirely on his own through inquiry,analysis and reasoning on the true base, rather than to accept the mere reflection of other men's thoughts.

Pursuit of truth is not for the intellectually infirm;there are paths and practices and theories enough for them pouring out an endless drizzle of conventional sentiments.

The discussion comparing with all the theories and practices is not essential and, is useless in pursuit of truth. Since they create barricade and fatter in pursuit of truth.