Time and Our Involvemen - Einstein's Perspective - Part 2

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The Council: So, then when you do become closer to the light or in your experience of growing toward the light you visualize it as a form or a speed or a travel experience or an awareness. Do you understand?
Questioner: Yes.
The Council: As you become closer to that light, there is less observation of the lower form of light or the lower activity of light, consequently, less time. Can you follow that?
Questioner: I think so.
The Council: Really, if you look at it as simply as is humanly possible it becomes much clearer. When you attempt to make more out of it, it becomes extremely complicated. It is so simple that it is extremely hard to explain. If you understand that the material manifestation is an illusion, and it is created by the play of light on shadows, now shadows indicate a lack of light or a slower vibratory rate. Since there is less energy force there, the rate, the vibration of the shadow will not move as quickly. Do you understand?
Questioner: Yes.
The Council: Consequently, it becomes what appears more solidified. Keep in mind that the vibratory rate of the atoms or molecules have been reduced. As they are raised closer to that of light, less time exists because there is less material, less friction to the vibration of light.
Questioner: I had another question that may be similar. When we are totally involved or absorbed in something whether reading a book or doing some activity, frequently we seem to lose all track of time. Would this go along with what you are saying when you are not paying attention or not observing?
The Council: In regards to reading a book, the activity level is switched from a base or fundamental activity, manual activity or manual labor activity, to more of a mental activity, which has a tendency in most cases to speed time up, since you are not occupying your creative abilities with the manipulation of the material manifestation or the material form. Does that clear it up any better?
Questioner: Yes, I think so. One other question I had. When you are young, time seems to pass so slowly. A month is a long time; a year seems like a lifetime. The older you seem to get, days and months and years seem to pass quicker and quicker and quicker. Why would this be?
The Council: It is the same as with the question concerning the book. In most cases, as you begin to age, your activities become more and more of the mind, and as that occurs then, one has less dealings with the physical or the point of concentration is not so centered on the physical, consequently, there is less friction to time, so it moves quicker. As one ages, it becomes aware slowly that time is passing by but not time in the sense of the passing of the hands on a clock, but time in the sense that the opportunity for growth is surely or slowly coming to an end. Do you understand?
Questioner: Yes.
The Council: So it begins to think much more about what it is doing, what it has done, and what it possibly will do. There is a greater degree of thinking before acting, consequently, there is less awareness of time in the sense that it is not concentrating, the soul is not concentrating so strongly on material activities, yet an individual may still be very active. Do you understand?
Questioner: Yes.
The Council: But it is where the focus of attention really is seated that determines that. It is not a good example but it is the simplest that can be given so that there is some understanding. This change from the constant physical preoccupation to a more thinking preoccupation is a gradual growth process with most individuals, and it comes about in such a way so there is not really a conscious awareness. It is, how shall we put it, a matter of evolvement, wherein the entity or the individual still lives a full life, yet it is not fully centered on that living. It begins to prepare for a period of reflection.

Each of us is TRULY a universe unto ourselves. Yes, it is also true that for our spiritual growth we need all of the other souls who share our universe while at the same time living within their own. Interaction with others is necessary if we are to gain our rightful position in the spiritual realms.

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