Time & Space

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Despite the claim of scientific advancement our thinking about time and space is rather liner or one dimensional. Our forefathers understood it in a much more practical manner and had deep insight which at once revealed its cyclic nature in cosmos and its relativity with respect to different cosmoses. While the cyclic nature is apparently intellectually understood its relativity with respect to different cosmoses does not find mention even in philosophical discourse. While I may err in understanding its full import and fall short in bringing out its significance, I could not resist the temptation to give it a try.

Cause of the world seen is in the world unseen, this is the basic premise on which the theory of cosmoses and relativity of time in relation to different cosmoses is viewed. This is as true of Sufi thought (medieval Islam) as it is of ancient Hindu thought (Puranas). 2 Kalpas constitute a day and night of Brahma, 8.64 billion human years. Now this may seem to have only astronomical significance but I am more interested in its relevance for Man which can only be understood if we take the cosmoses existing in him or he in them.

Now the "Real" world is the "Causal" world or the world "Unseen" from which flows the creation as we see it. It is not difficult to imagine this in the light of modern discoveries of dark matter and dark energy. In man therefore the "Real Consciousness" must be "Unseen" and a very small moment in time in this "Real Consciousness" must be related to a considerably longer duration of time in physical world measuring up to years or decade or even longer in terms of human life. Yet we don't seem to notice any such thing. One of the reasons for this is that the "Cause" emanating from the "Real World" gives rise to an unreal or virtual time in our psyche. This world or "Unreal time & space" in our psyche is an outcome of an event measuring Truti-त्रुटि approx 0.031 µs in "Real Consciousness". Now the reality that we experience is a result of all these "micro events" happening in "Real World".

So when we say that time and space is illusory it also means that at their basis are Time and Space (Akasha) which are Real and Cosmic units. The reference of time has been taken from link given below:-