Time & Effort

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Embarking on a spiritual search we must clearly understand 'Time & Effort'. Our concept of both is heavily tied up to the physical world. Let us say someone wants to learn a new language. It would need both time and effort. We want to cook food and it too would require time & effort. To think about something easy does not take any time or effort (dream) but to work out a difficult preposition may take time and effort. So while in physical world time and effort are sort of fixed it is not so in mental realm.

Now to be present in here and now, how much Time is required? If we were to discount effort we would realise that its not a function of (linear) Time at all. Yet it may be difficult to understand that it requires no effort. The reason is not hard to see. We associate being Present with a mental activity but is awareness a conscious mental activity? So we associate attention with being present and as our attention is taken up with other things we need to bring it back to the moment. Yet if our attention is not taken up in other things would we be present. The answer is no as all would know for then the attention is automatically taken up by dreamlike thinking.

The effort required in 'Being Present' is thus of a negative character and only this makes us feel that it would take time which is an illusion. Further its not an ideal to be achieved but an already accomplished thing if we break all idols.