Tilak? Why Not?

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Tilaks, saris, dhotis, kanthis, rakshas...on the streets of mother town? There is nothing extraordinary in this!
Indeed, perhaps everyone faces this matter sooner or later: how to combine living in European country and following the Hindu culture? Should one wear Tilak and expose their belief openly or it's better to be quiet and silent and don't pop up in order not to get hammered on your head, like that nail from the famous proverb? What if someone will look? What if they say something? What if they don't understand...

All doubts dispel if you realize one simple fact: the matter is not what you show but how you show it. Religious attributes is not the only thing which can attract attention of people in the street or comments of dear ones. This can be as well some jazzy clothes, unusual height, or strange situation you are in. If you will go through the streets with the bundle of fifty balloons, people will also look at you. And so what? This is normal – to look at what is unusual and interesting. Wouldn't you look yourself?

Same thing works with Tilaks and all the rest. They will look. But we can never guess what exactly people think when they look. And why to conceal something you believe to the core of your heart? Of course people don't know what it is like... and it means that you get a brilliant opportunity to show and explain! The look – smile in return and say “Aum Namah Shivay”! Let Tilaks, dhotis, saris and all the rest be associated with smiling, welcoming person. There is nothing criminal in this. You have found your path, stepped on the way of self-development, set your priorities in life and do something which makes you really happy – indeed this is worth sharing, for so many people in the world are deprived of it!

A separate matter is family and friends. For them you are anyway in the first place a child, a spouse, a course mate or whoever else, and it is natural that they don't necessarily take all changes easy. Because this is something unknown, unusual. Everything will come back to norm when they see that your life is changing for the better. And you can prove only by your own example. A person shining with happiness, greeting every day joyfully and lightly, being not scared of the future by default cannot cause any negativity. And example which is always in front of one's eyes works better than thousand words. So don't be surprised by their questions and avoid telling about your discoveries – attempts to conceal something will look suspicious and repulsive. Our dear ones have all the right to know what is going up with us! And it's highly possible that better changes in your life will cause them to make changes in their own.

The main thing is confidence. This concerns everything. The main thing is how you present yourself. If you feel awkward, shy, wait for scoffing, then be sure – you will face it. But no one will laugh at the one who is calm and self-confident. And what awkward can be there in faith in God?

One more thing which cannot be skipped is a great discipline power of Tilak. When you have your Tilak on, you realize constantly that you are representing certain culture, and act accordingly. There is no more chance for concessions, tricks, unleashing sloth and short temper... So, our external attributes always remind us what we should do and how we should act. This gives wonderful opportunities for reflexion.

Wear Tilaks with pride, for they are symbol of spiritual uplift. Trust Maa and Bhagavan and never question anything which is related to them. Let Western Hindu be strong, determined and totally devoted to Ishtha and Guru.

Jay Shiv Shakti!