Thus Spoke My Guru - VI WISDOM NUGGETS

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If any one wants money and you are not inclined to give, decline courteously. But do not be cross or harsh with him or make fun of him.

DEMOLISH this wall of difference separating you from Me and the Road will be clear and open for our meeting or union. This sense of differentiation, as I and thou, is the real barrier keeping the Disciple away from His Master and unless it is destroyed, the state of union or at-one-ment (attunement) cannot be attained.

God alone is the sole Protector. His Method is Unique, Extraordinary, Invaluable and Inscrutable. His WILL shall be done and He alone will show us the WAY to satisfy our Heart's Desires.

It is on account of previous cordial relationship (Rhinanubandan ) that we have come together again in this life too. Let us Love & serve each other and be Happy. He who attains the Supreme Goal of Life becomes Immortal and Happy; all others merely exists in vain!

WEALTH should be the means to work out DHARMA (spiritual goal). It is wasted if used only for personal pleasures. Unless you have given it before, You do not expect to get it now. So the BEST WAY to receive is to FIRST GIVE. The giving away of DAKSHINA (donation) ( or in charity ) also develops non attachment (Vairagya) and increases Bhakti & Jnanya. Give one to receive tenfold.

Let the senses do their allotted work of seeing. By all means appreciate Beauty of God's CREATION with a calm and steady mind. Why should one be afraid of anyone when his heart is pure and the thoughts are free of evil. The eyes may do their work of seeing Beauty in a woman or nature without being shy or restless. Make the mind DESIRELESS and observe GOD'S WORKS of Beauty without fear, sin, craving or attachment!

But whatever you may do remember that you cannot escape the consequences of your Actions (good or bad) committed either in this life itself or in your past life.

KARMA (actions) is the cause of happiness as well as SORROW too. One must therefore bear with it. GOD is the sole just Dispenser of Justice & Protector too. Think of Him always. He will take care of you. Totally surrender to His feet with the body, mind, wealth and speech and then see what He does for you.

Mere READING of Spiritual Books will not be enough ! The Teachings in them have to be practised and lived. THINK & PRACTISE what you read; otherwise it is useless. Mere learning without the Grace of Guru is of no use.

Wealth and Prosperity are TRANSIENT and the body is subject to death and decay. While knowing this, do your DUTY leaving all attachments to the things of this world and next. Anyone who does this and surrenders to the Sacred feet of Lord Hari (or call Him whatever you like), will get FREEDOM from all troubles and will ATTAIN BLISS.

The Lord runs to help one who remembers Him with Love and Affection and meditates on Him. Since your store of past Spiritual Merits was considerable, you have reached Shirdi (Place of Salvation). But can Shirdi (God) do anything if you ignore My MESSAGE and squander your only chance in criticizing others and looking down upon your brethren?

RAM and RAHIM are ONE & the SAME without the slightest difference between them. Then why should their devotees (Hindus and Muslims) quarrel amongst themselves ? Instead, the two communities must come closer and act sanely to achieve National Unity (for achieving political freedom from the British). It is neither good nor in their interest or welfare to fight, dispute, argue or emulate others.(Lokmanaya B. G. Tilak, the Father of Indian Unrest, visited Shirdi and called on Him on May, 19th,1917 to consult Him about his future course of action in the Struggle for Independence.He was advised to take rest.) OM OM OM OM SHREE SAI RAM.

Source: Sai Satcharitra by Hemad Pant &