Thus Spoke My Guru - V PROMISES

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Believe Me , though I may pass away, My bones in My grave ( Samadhi) will give you Hope and Confidence. Not only Myself but My Tomb (Samadhi) would be speaking and communicating with all those who surrender themselves wholeheartedly to Me.

Do not be anxious even if I am not present here in Sagun (physical )Form. You will hear from My Bones speaking and discussing your welfare. But always remember Me. Believe in Me in heart and soul and then you will be greatly benefited.

Whatever happens, never DESERT your Guru; instead you should always remain at steady At-One-Ment with Him. Always remember that your Guru's loving glance gives you HAPPINESS.

Never try to get any Mantra from any one, but make Your Guru the sole object of your thoughts (meditations) and actions and you will no doubt attain 'PARAMARTHA.'

Look at Me with sincere Devotion and I, in turn, look at you likewise. Sitting in this Masjid (Sai's dwelling place), I speak the truth & nothing but the TRUTH. Have FAITH & CONFIDENCE in your Guru and know well that He is the Sole Actor or Doer.

BLESSED is the one who knows and recognizes the Greatness of His Guru and thinks of Him to be Hari, Hara & Brahmah Incarnate ( Trinity of Gods).

PATIENCE is the mine of Virtues and Consort of Good Thoughts. FAITH (Shraddha or Nishta) and PATIENCE (Saburi) are like the Twin Sisters loving each other very intimately.

PATIENCE can ferry you across the sea of mundane existence and can remove all sins, afflictions and get rid of calamities in various ways, besides casting aside all fears ultimately making for success.

There are innumerable Saints in this World but your Guru is the Real Guru, whose Message must never be forgotten when good messages are received from other Saints.

Bhagwat Geeta (Sacred Book of Hindus) says disciple must completely surrender Body, Mind and Wealth (possessions) to the Guru to attain self- realization.

Love your Guru with all your heart and surrender & prostrate before Him with reverence; then there will be no sea of Mundane Existence to cross over just as there is no darkness before the Sun.

All Sadhanas ( Spiritual Practices like Tapa--Penance, Yoga practices or studying Sacred Scriptures) are not just enough to attain Self-Realisation unless accompanied by BHAKTI (Devotion). Knowledge of Vedas or Great Jnani's reputation or mere formal Bhajan can achieve NOTHING without a firm Devotion (Bhakti).

Do not retaliate even if someone does any evil. If you must do anything, do some good unto others.

God lives in ALL BEINGS as well as in all Creatures, be they serpents or scorpions. He is the Great Wire-puller of the World and all beings and creatures merely obey His Commands.

Unless He WILLS it, no one can do any harm to anybody. The whole world is dependent on Him and no one is independent. So take pity on, or love, His Creatures, leave aside adventurous fights or killings and be patient.The Lord is the PROTECTOR of all.

One who loves Me intensely, always sees Me. To him this world is a desert without Me. I lead him to Self-Realisation. For I am dependent on him--one, who thinks and hungers only after Me, or who does not eat even a morsel of food without first offering it to Me.

Such a sincere devotee merges in Me like a river merging into a sea. So shake off any trace of pride or egoism, and surrender yourself to Me, who is always seated in your heart.

Do you always remember Me before meals ? Am I not ALWAYS with you ? Then do you offer Me everything before you eat ?

Lord Hari would be very pleased with you if you give water to the THIRSTY, bread to the HUNGRY, clothes to the NAKED and shelter to the STRANGER for resting.

Know for certain that one who FEEDS the hungry, really serves Me with food. Regard this as an ETERNAL TRUTH.

Source: Sai Satcharitra by Hemad Pant &