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Merely chanting or remembering Lord Hari's or Guru's Name can confer Self Realisation.

To be FREE from all shackles, always chant 'SAI'SAI', shedding all cleverness, arrogance or egoism and brazenness.

Only the fortunate few, free from blemish, take seriously to MyWorship. Even if you merely chant 'SAI', 'SAI', I shall take you across the ocean. For I always drag My Devotee towards Me from far off places, or even across the seven seas like a sparrow heading to its nest with a string tied to its feet.

Believe these words and you will certainly be benefited. My Worship needs no elaborate rituals like SADHANAS ( Spiritual Practices). I only rest where there is full sincere devotion and love.

Even if you merely utter My Name with Love , I shall fulfill all your wishes and increase your devotion. But if you earnestly sing about My Leelas & Deeds or spread My MESSAGE, you will merge in My Grace. Have Patience (Saburi) & Faith (Shraddha) in Me.

My sincere devotees shall always be saved or pulled out even from the jaws of Death. I run to help My Devotees in times of danger. All diseases shall vanish when My Leelas (Stories & Teachings ) are listened to respectfully, assimilated and meditated upon .

While attending to your worldly duties daily, the mind should THINK of the Sadguru and His Leelas and be blessed by Him.

If the devotee has sincere complete Faith in Me, his Mind will MERGE with the Supreme Consciousness. Even mere chanting of My Name, as Sai, will do away with the sins of speech and hearing. It will remove FEAR of the worldly existence and will lead you to the spiritual path, regardless of your caste, creed, or class.

Without God's Grace, there is no desire or even urge to listen to the Saint's stories. But with God's Grace everything is smooth and easy. Hearing these stories, one keeps company of the Saints that helps one become less conscious of one's body or its problems. It cuts asunder all attachments, destroying cycles of births and deaths and lifts one up to God who is pure Consciousness. In turn, detachment to the sense objects is increased, which makes one indifferent to the Pleasure or Pain and leads to Spiritual Path.

If you take refuge in the Saints, without any reservations, you will be carried off safely across the Ocean of Worldly Existence.

Source: Sai Satcharitra by Hemad Pant &