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My Method is unique. To get Self Realisation, (i.e. knowledge of Self) DHYANA (meditation) is absolutely necessary. If practised continuously, the thought processes (vrittis) will be calmed. So become desireless and MEDITATE on the Lord within you & in all creatures. When the mind is thus concentrated, Self-Realisation will be attained.

Always Meditate on My Formless Nirgun nature, which is Knowledge Incarnate, Consciousness and Bliss. If you cannot do this, meditate on My Sagun (physical) Form, as you see Me here ( in Shirdi)(or in My Photo), from the top to the toe every day and night.

When this is done, your thought processes (Vrittis) will become ONE POINTED and the distinction between the Meditator (DHYATA), Meditation (DHYANA) and the object of Meditation (DHYETA) will fade away and the Meditator will be ONE in consciousness and will merge in SELF .

MY devotees must strive to get Lord's Grace & Blessings, instead of struggling for necessities of life. For, they will have plenty of food and clothing. I always care and provide for Welfare of My Devotees, who devoutly worship Me with their Minds ever fixed on Me.

With the Guru's Form firmly fixed in the mind, and with the Mind and Senses thus fully absorbed in the worship (meditation) of the Lord, My devotee must remember Me at all times, so that his MIND will not be attracted to any other mundane things like Body, Wealth, Home or Worldly Honors nor wander elsewhere.

The Mind will then become Calm, Peaceful and Carefree, which is the sole sign of merger with the Guru. A wandering Mind can neither merge nor get engaged in good company.

If My Leelas ( Stories &Teachings) are written about or devoutly sung and attentively listened to, Ignorance will vanish, awareness of the body will reduce and strong waves of Devotion & Love would arise. If one ' dives' deep into My Leelas, he will discover precious jewels of knowledge for "Self Realisation".

No one truly understands what I say--My Sirkar's Treasury (means Government, but here it refers to Lord's treasury) is full and overflowing. I say 'dig out' and take this wealth of knowledge in cartloads (truckful). The blessed son of a true Mother should fill himself with this 'wealth'.

Skill of My Fakir (GOD), the Leela (work) of My Bhagwan (God) and the attitude of My Sirkar is quite UNIQUE. What about Me? My Body will mix with Earth, and my Breath with the Air, but this TIME won't come back again! I will go somewhere, and sit in some place. The seductive Maya still troubles Me. I always feel anxiety for My devotees. But one, who does any Spiritual Endeavor, will surely reap its fruits and one who remembers My Words will get invaluable Peace & Happiness.

Source: Sai Satcharitra by Hemad Pant &