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Function of the mind is to think and it cannot switch off this thinking process completely anytime. But if you give it a sense object , like a Guru, it will meditate on Him alone. But sincere FAITH & PATIENCE are all that are needed.

Believe Me, these simple WORDS will give you Hope & Confidence even when I pass away. But can you trust Me ? For it is far more easy to put away Pride of Wealth, but immensely hard to give up Pride of Learning, Wisdom or Righteousness?

My treasury is full with spiritual nuggets. I can give My Gifts to anyone found competent to receive them.

If you listen to Me carefully and always MEDITATE on ME, you will surely benefit. For, I never speak any UNTRUTH, while sitting in this Masjid (Dwelling place of SaiBaba).

Many Ways lead to "Self Realisation", but they are difficult, passing through jungle full of tigers and wolves (pitfalls & hardships). If you take a GURU, as your guide, He will take you straight to your destination, avoiding all wolves, tigers and ditches on the way. Without a Guru, as your Guide, there is always a danger in missing your destination in the darkness on the Way.

The Path of "Self-Realisation" (enlightenment) is as DIFFICULT as walking on a razor's edge. For, one must fully surrender five pranas (Vital Forces) and five senses (of action, perception, mind, intellect and ego).

But listening to My Leelas (Stories or Teachings ) will create Shraddha (Faith) in your heart, and with a little of bit Saburi (Patience) you can overcome the obstacles leading to "Self Realisation" & Bliss.

Source: Sai Satcharitra by Hemad Pant &