Three Steps to Self Enquiry

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Three steps to Self Enquiry are

To know the error

To know the truth about Self Objectively (scientifically)

To be the Truth

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Self enquiry is specifically an enquiry about our identification

These generic steps are not self enquiry (not Ramana's and not the Neti Neti).

To know the error - what error? It's not just any error, self enquiry is focused specifically on the error of identification with objects (and it's actually not an absolute error, each one is invited to check and find out in his experience whether he/she is the thing he/she is identified with (body, mind, the area of the head, brain, emotions, thoughts, I-thought, fame, work and so on) and if he finds out that he is that object based on his direct experience then it's fine).

To know the truth about Self Objectively (scientifically) - there is no way to know this, by definition. It's something you can decide to believe and adopt or not. And there is nothing scientific in that. Science in its very principle is based on the mind's logic and the input of the senses. These will clearly convince the seeker that he is his body and mind and so on.

To be the truth - this is just another identification you suggest, an identification with a (vague) concept called "truth". This should also be dropped. The only thing you can say here is "Just to be" (abide in the "I Am", abide in being etc.) and even this is redundant.

johnd | Wed, 03/19/2014 - 15:15
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Lets Enquire

Lets investigate keeping all knowledge about self enquiry or what vedanta or Maharshi Ramana said about it aside.

Don't we have an image about oneself. All our thinking is focalised in confirming the image that we have. Self image keeps getting modified yet it still remains an image which is different from the fact of what we are.

Our friends can easily see the images we harbour and see through to what we really are. Often nick names that friends give us tell a lot about what the chief feature of our personality is.

To sum up though personality as such is an outward aspect yet we do not even know this in an "Objective" or "Scientific" manner meaning without bias as the fact is.

This is the basic error and no fruitful equiry is possible without it for one does not yet have even the elementary Viveka or discrimination about false and True aspects though the Truth be relative.

Now coming to the second point. All knowing is through a relation. White is known in its relation to that which is not white or black. Similarly Self is to be known in relation to that which is not the Self or the world. Now bible says that God created Man in his own image or as the saying goes as in macrocosm so in microcosm or as above so below. Now when Man is Studied in relation to the Cosmos (which is also in Vedanta) we Know the Self in "Scientific" way or not through mere imagination but in Objective manner wherein anyone conducting the enquiry along right lines will "SEE" the same thing. Philosophy in sanskrit (Tradition) is called Darshan (SEEING) which in spirit is a Scientific approach because Mind is also a sense organ or The organ.

Now the third point. One realises right from the very first step that truth is a matter of "Being" and not knowledge as we saw in the second step that all knowledge is relative. Therefore to know the Truth of ourselves we have to be that Truth.

joejo | Sat, 03/22/2014 - 05:01