Three Stages In SELF

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Three Stages in SELF.

the interaction between Krishna and Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita tells us of the path the seeker takes to realize that all is Self -- Self-realization.

Stage 1:
the Seeker finds that life is unmitigated confusion and chaos -- so he seeks meaning. He uses meditation only to be overwhelmed with guides and angels... and OBEs, out of body-experiences, and other dimensions and other lives... lives with unimaginable hells and then unimaginable heavens ... and only when all these different lives in meditation/dreams/OBE become boring to the seeker – as was life – only then does the seeker find himself in the second-stage in SELF.

Stage II:
only when the seeker also rejects all these other lives – and metaphorically but adamantly tells all guides and angels and especially gods to get lost – only then do all these other lives leave the seeker ABRUPTLY and permanently. IT is an absolute and also an extremely abrupt change. (There is an obvious reason for this. The SELF cannot have decoys like angels, souls, guides... and gods around if it is to realize it-SELF. )
The instant a seeker reject ALL these other lives is the instant they vanish forever ... literally NEVER to bother SELF again.

Stage III:
very few of the greatest gurus and even gods can tell us about Stage III because metaphorically the SELF never shed all its apparent differences for them.

the third and final stage of realization: when all the differences the SELF needs to appear to be many .. when these differences vanish ... this becomes more and more obvious because the “sleep-dreams” start to align with life, or compliment life, more and more .. until it becomes OBVIOUS that nothing can separate dreams from life.
In this stage the seeker starts to dream about the same nonduality he tries to figure out in life... and often the seeker needs his dreams to figure out the nonduality he was seeking in life, and otherwise he needs life to figure the same nonduality of his dreams ... in this Third and final stage : the Self slowly sheds all its differences so that there is literally nothing that separates dreams from life – they all become the same ONE dream of the ONE Self.

And even the most potent gurus and gods, like Buddha, Jesus ... and even Ramana .. Shankara ... could not -- or were not allowed -- to explain this absolute ONENESS of Self because their dreams did not compliment their lives enough to make it obvious – that both dreams and life are the same fiction of the SAME one-SELF.
Krishna's ultimate message to Arjuna becomes clear only with an “understanding” of Stage III:

Krishna: Arjuna, you will realize you are AWAKE because there will be nothing left to seek or do or understand because there will be nothing to separate your dreams from life .. because they are both the same fiction of the same SELF.

-- really, Really REALLY

ONLY when dreams become one with LIFE
ONLY then can the SELF fully realize it-SELF
because there is no other.
-- O'no



"three stages in self"seems not theoretical and lacks doesn't seem even as research piece but it accurately may be spoken as fiction without the characters of play. explanation of three stages of inner self is only on the surface without proper push /support from the authenticated philosophical theory, scientific-background, scriptures etc.Jesus and Buddha have been estimated lesser.this topic does not show spiritual awakening.awakening of the self is the practical experience for those who may be competent seekers/true students of divinity.

NIDHI PARKASH | Sun, 08/02/2009 - 18:52
Bercano's picture appears, that you appears, that you Really really wheallyyyyy LOVE Books, and its written word....what would you possibly ever do...would you NOT have authenticated philosophical theory, scientific-background, scriptures etc.....and GOD forbid, you'd ever find yourself without a Guru....You would actually have to rely on your own Authentication/Authority;)

When Self got sick of his saints
and bored with guru's
he created me ...
to LAUGH at Everythingggg

they took seriously.

B-Self, Eternal Infinite Sri Fukkamee Swami

Bercano | Mon, 08/03/2009 - 02:12
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the Gita

""three stages in self"seems not theoretical and lacks theology.": ABSOLUTELY, BRILLIANT.

you have obviously not read the Bhagavad Gita... or if you did maybe you read it in a language you don't understand.

In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna does not tell Arjuna to read all sorts of books and scriptures to get smart -- ON THE CONTRARY – Krishna tells Arjuna to meditate and WOW
Stage I: Arjuna meditates and goes into all sorts of other dualistic worlds ...

The Gita tells us little to nothing about stage II or III... maybe because the SELF did not synchronize Krishna's “living” with his dreams.

You cannot learn about these stages cause the SELF makes you “live it” through/in living/meditation and then dreams ... and to live/meditate it the first thing you MUST do is discard all your books and scriptures, your “theology,” and start living/meditating ... until SELF gives you visions and experiences of other worlds ... cause books and scriptures will not take you there .. let alone into Stage II or the dreams of III.

for the avid seeker, like Arjuna, meditation appears important for all the other-world experiences of Stage I in SELF
.. but it is all appearance,
because whether they know it or not: others “live” in this stage and also II and III effortlessly.

For instance, a “Twin-self” can live in this Stage III all his/her life – and never know it – UNTIL its twin-self comes out of nowhere to make EVERYTHING all so obvious.

-- really Really REALLY

genep | Mon, 08/03/2009 - 16:06