Three Paths to Pure Consciousness

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"To be alive
is to be conscious in this moment.

In order to be conscious
you have to fully allow everything
in this moment to be as it is.

Awareness can only fully reveal itself
when there is full allowing.

In the full allowing of this moment,
you, as a separate person
is no more.

You still are here;
you are fully here,
but as pure consciousness,
pure peace.
You are joy itself.

Try this in this moment.

Close your eyes and
fully allow everything to be;

allow all thoughts, feelings
physical happenings
but rest your attention
not in the content of it
but in the full allowing of it,

are you not free from yourself?
Are you not free from separateness?
Free from stress?

This is one path.

Another path would be
to feel this moment completely;
feel your very existence in this moment.
Because in being involved with thinking
you are avoiding feeling.

The other is just to love this moment.
To love what is here at your essence.
To sing to it, to chant to it,
to silently repeat a name of it
with every breath.

But to distract yourself from this moment
or to try to live this moment
only through thinking,
you are not alive in that.

You are hiding from life in that.
It feels synthetic
because you are letting words
dictate your experience.

And that is no way to live.
If you are living solely through thinking,
you are just playing a video game
in your own mind.
And your involvement with it
keeps you feeling separate from life.

It can be as simple
as allowing this moment to be
and resting in that allowing.

Already in this,
you will feel the essential joy
that is animating everything.

Much love,


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