Three Forces

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I have written earlier about the Law of three forces (Gunas In Gita or Sankhya) and wish to explore it further. I claim no infallibility yet would say the interpretation is mine and open to scrutiny. Now conceptually the Universe is made of Two forces, the Male of Female called by different names in ancient traditions, so where does the law of Three fit in. In my view Law of Two explains the Cosmos taken as a whole where both are aspects of One and engaged in a perfect dance. Yet their manifestation is seen as the third force and includes the polarity (duality) in it. In Gita it is said that knowers of truth realise all to be a play of these three forces.

Newtons third law gives an account of only two forces both working in opposition to each other and yet if there is a resultant is it only because of a difference between the two? In case of inanimate objects this could be the case but when we see conscious subjects and study this law as applicable in the psyche we see a third force.

Let us take an example to study this law of three forces. There would have to be many assumptions to simplify and I would not be stating them. Lets say I am having this conflict of getting up and leaving my bed in the morning. We can clearly discern two opposing forces at work here for only then is a conflict possible. One is the need for sleep and the other is a need to get up. We all need sleep to rejuvenate and at the same time after having had adequate rest, if not interfered, the body would rise up for another round of activity. In my case conflict arises because I align with one of the two sides thereby disturbing the inherent balance. We are therefore not Tabula rasa or a clean slate and have our conditioning which disturbs the balance. In my case lets say I love sleeping in the early morning hours but being a conscientious person do not like to waste my time. Setting up alarm clock has not really resolved the issue. Resolution of this issue can come only by a third force which in my case could be some urgent work or a flight in the morning where the decision is dictated by it and the conflict resolved in resultant action. In fact the alarm clock itself could be the third force if it helps me to wake up despite the two opposing drives being present.