To those who are divorced or separate

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Questioner: Do you have any hope for people who are divorced or separated? According to their religious teachings, some of them may feel doomed.

The Council: They are never doomed, and to be burdened with such feelings can be destructive to the individual. People, souls, entities, should have much more faith in their Creator, and should attempt to become much more aware of His Total Love. The judgment of the Divine is far more fair and lenient and loving than the greatest of all men put together, and for an individual to feel as though God has abandoned them because of a decision they have made is self-destructive. They should never feel that one decision has totally destroyed them or that by one wrong decision their Father in Heaven has turned His back on them. Remember, if a mother or a father can forgive a child of their wrong-doings, certainly your Father in Heaven is much, much, much more loving and understanding.