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How can there be one truth about are exsistance when there are so many different kinds of people with different bodies and different minds, that either will or will not allow them to believe in something. For example how can a thinker based in facts and not feelings ever come to the same conclusions as someone that is heart driven, and lives and makes life decisions based on there feelings. what i believed up until about five minutes ago was that we were all trying to comprehend one divine truth. i was deluded by my ego to think that i had more of a understanding then some, and was wanting to help them understand what i had figured out. really it was what made sence to me and my mind, heart, body and soul. We all have different levels of our mind ,heart, body, and soul participating in the flesh experiance. I have decided that trying do discovery the inner workings of things in a unnessasary use of energy, and if we were ment to know everything we would be born with absolute knowlage. this however is not part of the experiance. I believe that evrything happens for a reason, and that everything that is in our physical experiance is part of a master plan towards something new, something uncomprehendible to use. uncomprehendible because its something that can never be brought to your eyes or ears, it can only be felt with a open heart and with the right intentions and relizations. We are possobly all hear together as seperated little pieces of god to create something that has never existed before. one solid realm of pure white love, manifested with choice/free will. I am evolution and creation. We are all creation with the power of manifestation distracted by division, competition, and materialism. this is my heart, this is, i am, we are.

thank you, thank you, thank you, i love you I am feeling love, love, love, excietment, shivers, goose bumps, love. love only. We all have a part to play with our individual strengths and skill sets to create painlessness for all.

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Universal TRUTH..........

What you are thinking UNIVERSAL,is a UNIVERSAL TRUTH,which is the force behind binding and manifesting the universe....i.e. "LOVE"......just pure love......creation of all creations, which is the wisdom of GOD......
Everybody is in search of EVERLASTING HAPPINESS........ unite with the GOD'S love
So you are not is not you but your clear inner self is speaking.
Thank you for such beautiful posts of self realization.

bonya basu | Mon, 10/25/2010 - 05:05