Thinking, Emotion & Silence

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To me there is no difference between emotion, thought and silence for a person who is caught in pursuit of pleasure and seeking various escapes ( even meditation) from hurt and the boredom of daily grind and immersed in entertainment. The problem with most of us is that we want to ride on two horses. While this may be possible in the wild west it cannot be in the wildest dreams that a person reaches some insight while retaining his structure of psyche.

To such a person there is no difference between emotion and thought. Some find it hard to tell the difference, but any difference is just being in another corner of the prison.

Silence is not the momentary pause between two thoughts when the Thinker is merely hibernating. True silence cannot be disturbed by all the noise and it comes by understanding of the Thinker and not by any attempt by it to control thought or escape from it by all those novel tricks which are sold all around the world like any commodity.