Thinker, Thought, Intuition, Who's the Doer?

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There was an old man who would always be found sitting outside on his porch. The neighbor's cat took a liking to the gentleman. Although he didn't particularly care to be bothered by the cat, as he quite enjoyed sitting in silence and solitude, he felt obliged to befriend the little neighbor to ensure it was getting the kindness and attention it longed for. This went on for a while until one day the old man had had enough of the cat and wanted to be left in peace. So he forcefully shewed the cat away showing an aggression that confused and intimidated the little neighbor. Feeling uneasy about his action, the man approached the cat to console and to offer his gentle hand to the cat's furry back and fuzzy ears.

Unknown to the old man, was that the cat happened to be carrying a virus that would later kill off another of the neighborhood cats and give the old guy a grueling sickness in his lungs for a few weeks to come.

Now..Was it the thought of wanting to be left alone that made the old man want to turn against the cat to run it off so he wouldn't be bothered? Or, rather, was it intuition leading him to separate himself from the cat for the time being?

The bridge from the Doer to the thinker is intuition. The thinker is the illusion that the doing is his. If the old man would have allowed himself to shew away the cat and not reach out to console it in guilt and judgment of the moral identity he created for himself, he may have saved himself from the illness, or even greater, might very well not have transferred the sickness he unknowingly had to the innocent cat and perhaps saved the life of the other cats who fell ill as well.

How much of our thought is unrecognized intuition?

There is a great freedom to be had if we desist from judging ourselves or our actions. That does not mean we take action to abandon moral restraint so that we can fulfill our every desire. It only means we will allow the spontaneity to be un-judged and unhindered and detachment to take hold.


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The Myth of Intution

"The bridge from the Doer to the thinker is intuition."

This to me is a very romantic thought. You cannot base your philosophy of life on accidents & coincidences. Intuition comes if at all in flashes and that too when the Doer or the Thinker is absent.

There has to be a long preparation and purging if you like, of the Psyche before one can claim to be guided by intuition. An innocent trust and surrender of the ego and watchfulness that it does not rear its head and spoil things is a must. Before this can come about one must have come to see the dangers of ego and the necessity to leave behind our mode of life.

Without putting house in order and a fundamental shift in the structure of our Psyche believing in intuition could, as well be listening to the Devil.

joejo | Sat, 03/06/2010 - 14:05